Monday, October 18, 2021

Mr. New Man Expresses Optimism over Salone Music

By Ilyasa Baa

 Modu Conteh now known as DJ C Mod with the artistic name Mr. New Man in an exclusive interview with A-Z newspaper revealed his optimism over Salone Music Industry.

Mr. New Man who is amongst the new breed of musicians who said he is optimistic that the music industry of Sierra Leone will grow to higher height in the near future. He compared the industry to that of Nigeria which is better because of their willingness to promote and support artists unlike his country where promoters are not dancing to their tune in terms of promotion and production of music.

He advised Salone artists to use the social media platforms to their advantage noting that with the ongoing Corona pandemic which affected the launching of music and concert, it is befitting that artists follow international stand by placing their products on these social media platforms. 

Mr. New Man’s videos and tracks are international with the involvement of KEYZIT where 15-60 seconds long videos were placed for his fans at home and abroad.

 ” I am calling on all my friends and fans to follow me through my different social media platforms to get connected with me”, Mr. New Man expressed, adding that what artists are finding difficult is now simple with the social media.

He started his music career in 2007 after becoming an active Disc Jock in 2005. In his early days, he was with the musical group called Positive 2 Angels which recorded couple of songs at Forensic Studio in Freetown. One of those songs he recorded with the group is called Satta which gained attraction across the country especially in the provincial towns. In 2017, he decided to go solo and he succeeded recording couple of tracks at Buya’s Music.

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