Monday, October 18, 2021

Star Zee to thrill Freetown in November

October 7, 2021

By Ilyasa Baa

Multi award winner, Star Zee, is on schedule to perform with a live band on 13th and 14th November at the Aberdeen Beach in Freetown.

The organizers of the festival have confirmed to A-Z Entertainment that the dance hall artist will do live performance in the upcoming show. She is going to be part of host of Sierra Leonean artists at home and abroad to grace the first ever Reggae Faces Festival on the theme: Make Sierra Leone Green.

She will be part of the team to raise awareness on climate change as the country is rated among countries prone to disaster due to climate change. Star Zee, like other artists, have tightened her belt to raise awareness so that people would desist from deforestation and other activities leading to climate change.  The inclusion of Star Zee could not be unconnected to her artistic quality being a woman who can move crowd.

Star Zee, also known as Star Zero, De Mammy or Queen Zee Zee being a Hip Hop and Dancehall musician is expected to impact the show considering the love for hip hop and dancehall among the youths. 

She started her music career when she was a member of a group called Ladies Day Out (LDO), eventually, she went solo in 2003 having released four albums the last one she released is called After Me.

Star Zee was born in music; her father was a vocalist in the Sierra Leone Armed Forces musical band known as Military Band. This band has inspired young people into music just like the Police Band. As for Star Zee live band is no big deal having watched her father performs with solid musicians since she was a little girl.

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