Monday, October 18, 2021

70 Musicians Rally to Make Sierra Green

October 7, 2021

By: Ilyasa Baa

The list of musicians involved in the Make Sierra Leone Green is getting more names for the upcoming Reggae Festival show.

In the list currently, are names like DJ Roy from Germany, Mos B from France, Silan Kuchie from Guinea, DJ Lion from Guinea, King Medal from Guinea as well, Obi-phrase from Finland, Baba Maci (Butterfly)from Guinea and Amzard Linx from the USA.  As for those in Sierra Leone, names like Jahman, Selassi, MackSod and countless others will perform as rehearsals commence.

Amzard Linx and Wilo Wise who did “Lay We Lek Salone” are expected to perform that track but the U S.  Based Reggae star told A-Z that the arrangement for the show has not been finalized yet. 

Baba Maci who have been in Guinea for couple of years has said he is ready to fly the show higher. 

Mos B. and DJ Roy are coming strong with European flavors to make the country green for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone. 

DJ Lion, born as Foray Koroma, has been with his music to France, Germany, Senegal etc. and this time he has promised to come strong and spread the vibes cool and sound.

This festival is understood to be the first ever organized in the country with the involvement of the Tourism Board, Ministry of Environment and Country Planning and host of other stakeholders. It will take place in November second week in Freetown. 

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