Marampa Mining Limited (MML) the largest singular importation of mining equipment has earlier this week arrived at the Freetown Terminal. This is not only a huge progress for the Mines, but also for Sierra Leone

This largest singular importation will aid the Company with its commitment to expansion and increased production, the output of 3.75 million Tonnes of high-grade iron ore, which is the Marampa Blu.

The equipment imported includes a SAG Mill, which weighs around 900 tonnes when fully assembled, which had to be delicately transported from the port of Freetown to the mine site.

Also in the shipment are a Gyratory crusher, a re-grind Mill and two large 60T and 300T cranes.

All of the M3.75 Equipment has been designed specifically to meet the growing demands from the international markets for high-grade iron ore, which is a key ingredient for cleaner and less polluted steel production.

An investment estimated at $150M is what MML and its parent company, the Gerald Group are pouring into their operations to increase production from its current rate of 3.25 million tonnes to get to 3.75Million tonnes annually.

The company is known from earlier discussions to have plans in mind to go up to 7Million tonnes annual production of high-grade iron ore. However, to ramp up to that level of output, there will need to be a significant input of capital and an absolute need for Rail and Port.

It is on that end that MML has proposed to lead the consortium to develop the Rail and Port facility for the mining community, the region and the country.

Marampa Mines continues to demonstrate for all to see clearly its intentions to develop this asset to reach its full potential. As a country and as a people, we should continue to support our partnership with Marampa Mines as the nation is a 10% stakeholder in the business.

We recently saw the CDA Cheque given to its mining communities (Marampa and Maforki Chiefdoms) of SLL38B, and now, we see their importation of a significant amount of mining equipment to boost their operations.

By every indication and with these huge investments, Marampa Mines is now rightly positioned to be in full charge of the rail and port.

The largest singular importation of mining equipment will aid the Company in its commitment to expand to increase production output from 3.25 million Tonnes to 3.75 million Tonnes of high-grade iron ore, Marampa Blu.

With a company like MML, surely, more goodies are destined for Sierra Leone and its people.


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