President Of SLP Wives’ Association Extends Peace Initiative To Mile 91


The appointment of Superintendent Mohamed Dumbuya as the Local Unit Commander for the Mile 91 Police Division by Inspector General of Police, Mr. Williams Faiya Sellu, was a well-thought-out decision. It is a testament to the dynamic and responsible leadership within the Sierra Leone Police Force.

On 20th May 2023, Mrs Matilda Doris Sellu, the President of the Sierra Leone Police Wives’ Association, accompanied by her team, made a significant visit to the Mile 91 Police Division. The purpose of this visit was to promote peace in anticipation of the upcoming General Election in June 2023.

This visit demonstrated solidarity and support for the people of the Mile 91 Division, which encompasses four chiefdoms: Yoni Mamaila, Yoni Mabanta, Khalifa Mabang, and Malal Mara.

Mrs Sellu’s visit was an admirable complement to the diligent efforts of Inspector General of Police, Mr Williams Faiya Sellu, in fostering peaceful elections in June 2023.

Upon reaching the Mile 91 lorry park, Mrs Matilda Doris Sellu received a warm welcome from various groups, including the Bike Riders Union, community stakeholders, LPPB members, Mile 91 Artists Union, members of the Sierra Leone Police Wives’ Association in the Mile 91 Division, and the dedicated police personnel serving under Superintendent Mohamed Dumbuya’s supervision.

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and anticipation as the visit was seen as a significant gesture of appreciation and recognition.

During the event, a captivating performance by Leeman titled “RESPECT POLICE AND NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST THE POLICE” took place, along with a song performed by the Mile 91 Artists Union and a wonderful drama performance by the Police Wives’ Association. These performances captured the hearts and minds of the audience. The song’s lyrics emphasized the importance of respecting and appreciating the work of the police force, resonating deeply with everyone present. It highlighted the challenges faced by the police and their families who tirelessly serve to maintain peace and security in the community.

Mrs Matilda Doris Sellu’s visit symbolized blessings, peace, and joy for the entire division. The initiative aimed to bridge the gap between the police force and the community, fostering a stronger bond based on mutual respect and understanding. It also served as a poignant reminder that the visit itself was an expression of goodwill and a catalyst for positive change, both before and after the upcoming election.

The generous and God-given President of the Sierra Leone Police Wives’ Association, Mrs Matilda Doris Sellu, left a lasting impact on the Mile 91 community. The significance of this visit was emphasized by one of the speakers, as it marked the first time a personality of such stature had visited Mile 91.

This event underscored the importance of recognizing and appreciating the tireless efforts of the police force.

Finally, Mrs Sellu’s gesture of solidarity and support will continue to foster an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence.

The event served as a reminder that acts of kindness and recognition can bring about positive transformations, benefiting the entire community and the Sierra Leone Police Force.

The event ended peacefully with the climax of photos taken with the President of the Police Wives Association and her entourage, Bike Riders, Artists Union, LPPB, Mile 91 Police Wives Association, and Mile 91 Police Personnel.


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