The management of Koidu Limited mining company has officially handed over the keys to a multi-purpose structure to the women’s organization WIND SIERRA LEONE, aimed at empowering women in Kono District.

This significant event took place at an epoch-making ceremony held at the Resettlement Community off Koidu City, where the Community Development manager of Koidu Limited mining company, Henry Varg, expressed gratitude to the founder of WIND SIERRA LEONE and Member of Parliament for Kono District, Hon. Rebecca Yei Sam.

Mr. Varg credited Hon. Sam for approaching the company with the initiative shortly after assuming office, emphasizing the company’s commitment to community development through its budget program, the “Community Development Action Plan.”

This plan, a collaboration between the government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Mines and Koidu Limited mining company, allocates funds for projects that address the needs of host communities.

The multipurpose structure, which includes space for training women in various skills, symbolizes a significant investment by the company in the empowerment of women. Despite the project’s duration, which started in 2022, Mr. Varg highlighted its importance as one of the largest endeavors supported by the company.

Hon. Rebecca Yei Sam expressed gratitude to the founding members of WIND SIERRA LEONE, acknowledging their patience and dedication in seeing the organization’s evolution. She also thanked the local authorities in Tankoro chiefdom for providing the land for the building.

Hannah Charles, the national coordinator of WIND SIERRA LEONE, expressed profound gratitude to both Hon. Sam and Koidu Limited mining company for their collaboration and assured them of the responsible utilization of the building for the betterment of women in the district.

The event marked a significant milestone in the partnership between the mining company and the women’s organization, with plans underway for an official opening ceremony to be attended by national and international dignitaries.

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