This medium has received distressing information concerning a tragic incident involving James Komba Sandi, who allegedly assaulted his wife, Fatmata Marrah, resulting in her untimely demise over a dispute involving a pan of raw coffee. The incident occurred on January 30th, 2024, in Yenekuma village, Sainkongofeh section, Sandor chiefdom, Kono District.

According to reports, prior to the incident, James Komba Sandi had set aside a pan of coffee for sale to alleviate some financial burdens and purchase medication for his ailing father. He explicitly instructed his wife not to sell the coffee under any circumstances. However, despite his instructions, it is alleged that Fatmata Marrah proceeded to sell the coffee without her husband’s consent.

Reportedly, James Komba Sandi lodged several complaints with the deceased’s relatives, urging them to intervene and persuade her to return the coffee. However, no action was taken by any of her relatives. It is noted that James Komba Sandi was en route to the deceased’s uncle to seek intervention when a quarrel erupted between him and Fatmata Marrah, escalating into a physical altercation. Eyewitnesses claim that during the altercation, Fatmata Marrah allegedly grabbed the suspect’s genitals.

In response, James Komba Sandi reportedly kicked Fatmata Marrah in the chest, causing her to collapse. She was subsequently rushed to the Donamor Community Health Center for treatment but tragically succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital.

James Komba Sandi is currently in police custody, cooperating with authorities as they conduct their investigation. Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been transported via motorbike to the Koidu Government Hospital mortuary for postmortem examination. Further updates will be provided as investigations progress.


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