Cricket Sierra Leone (CSL) has made waves in the cricketing world by clinching four prestigious ICC Development Awards in Africa. This remarkable achievement underscores CSL’s unwavering commitment to governance excellence and its efforts to promote inclusivity and social change through cricket.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) General Manager, William Glenwright, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Sierra Leone and 20 other associate members from a pool of 94 for their outstanding performances across various categories.

The four award categories secured by Sierra Leone are as follows:

100% Cricket Women’s Cricket Initiative of the Year: Sierra Leone’s dedicated efforts towards fostering women’s cricket have been recognized with this accolade, highlighting their commitment to gender equality and empowerment.

ICC Associates Members Men’s Performance of the Year: Sierra Leone’s exceptional performance in men’s cricket has earned them this prestigious award, showcasing their prowess and dedication on the field.

ICC Associates Members Women’s Performance of the Year: Sierra Leone’s women cricketers have shone brightly, earning them recognition for their outstanding performance in women’s cricket.

The Cricket 4 Good Social Impact Initiative of the Year: Sierra Leone’s innovative initiatives leveraging cricket for social change have been acknowledged with this award, illustrating the sport’s potential as a catalyst for positive societal transformation.

In addition to Sierra Leone’s triumphs, Nigeria has also been honored with the ICC Development Initiative of the Year award, further highlighting Africa’s growing influence in the global cricketing arena.

Sierra Leone and Nigeria are set to represent Africa in these five categories at the upcoming ICC global development award contest, showcasing the continent’s rising prominence in cricket development initiatives on the world stage.

CSL’s Media Department expressed pride in these achievements, emphasizing the organization’s continued dedication to advancing cricket and fostering positive change within communities across Sierra Leone and beyond.

Stay tuned for further updates as Sierra Leone and Nigeria gear up to make their mark on the international stage at the ICC global development award contest.

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