By: James Kamara-Manneh

In a groundbreaking move towards a cashless future, NP SL Limited, based in Freetown, unveiled its ambitious plan to digitize its operations through the introduction of the NP Energy Pass Card. The announcement came during an interactive gathering at the company’s office yesterday, led by Chief Executive Officer Kobbi Walker.

Walker emphasized the company’s commitment to responding to customer feedback by embarking on a four-year journey to transition to a digital and cashless system. Addressing the audience, Walker stated, “Today marks a pivotal moment for NP. Our objective to go cashless stems from a careful analysis of market trends and the pressing need to adapt to evolving consumer preferences.”

The NP Energy Pass Card, dubbed as a revolutionary solution for enhancing access and efficiency, aims to address challenges identified through customer feedback. Walker highlighted the key role of frontline staff, or “cold facers,” who represent the interface between the company and its customers. He emphasized the importance of their input in refining the newly introduced solution, dubbed ‘FUBU’ (For Us By Us).

The technology behind the NP Energy Pass Card promises to transform the fuel purchasing experience. Similar to a travel pass, customers will be required to present the card for fuel transactions. Walker emphasized the card’s capability to enhance security and transparency, ensuring that pump attendants cannot tamper with transactions.

Among the issues addressed by the NP Energy Pass Card is the issue of defunding, where transactions fail to register. The solution includes improved communication between the card and the pump, reducing instances of erroneous refunds and unauthorized fuel access. Moreover, network issues will be mitigated through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, including router building.

The NP Energy Pass Card boasts user-friendly features, resembling ATM machines in operation. It operates seamlessly both online and offline, providing customers with real-time feedback on transactions. Each card is customized with the user’s phone number, ensuring personalized alerts and enhanced security.

For corporate clients, the NP Energy Pass Card offers streamlined fuel procurement processes. Institutions can manage fuel purchases centrally, with payments directed to the head office. Training programs will be provided to managers to facilitate seamless integration of the card into corporate operations.

In conclusion, NP SL Limited’s launch of the NP Energy Pass Card marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards a cashless future. With its innovative features and customer-centric approach, the card promises to revolutionize the fuel purchasing experience while addressing longstanding challenges in the industry.




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