In an ambitious bid to etch her name into the annals of history, Mary Yei Yongai, a determined young woman with a fervor for the extraordinary, is poised to undertake the Guinness Book of World Records Makeup-A-Thon. With the goal of crafting stunning makeup looks for a staggering 100 individuals within the span of just 24 hours, Yongai’s endeavor is scheduled to unfold on April 30th at the Bintumani Car Park.

Yongai, renowned for her unyielding faith in the attainability of the impossible, extends an open invitation to Sierra Leoneans, Africans, and global citizens alike to bear witness to this monumental feat. Armed with the conviction that “It is always impossible until it is done,” Yongai stands resolute in her determination to demonstrate that no challenge is insurmountable.

The event, slated to kick off promptly at 7 a.m., beckons attendees to arrive at 6 a.m. to secure a prime vantage point and partake in what promises to be a historic spectacle. Yongai emphasizes the significance of collective support, rallying the public to rally behind her as she embarks on this extraordinary journey. Acknowledging the profound impact of communal encouragement, she underscores the invaluable role of audience participation in fueling her resolve.

For those unable to attend in person, organizers recommend hosting watch parties to share in the excitement from afar. By fostering an engaging atmosphere and leveraging social media platforms, supporters can actively contribute to the event’s momentum. Attendees are advised to curate a conducive setting, invite trusted companions, and stock up on sustenance to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience.

Moreover, participants are encouraged to document their watch party adventures through photographs and videos, amplifying the event’s online presence by tagging @MaryYongaiFanpage and utilizing the hashtags #MaryYongaiGuinessBook and #MaryYongaiMakeupAThon.

Yongai’s audacious endeavor not only aims to secure a place in the Guinness World Records but also endeavors to leave an indelible mark on Sierra Leonean history. Rain or shine, the event promises to showcase a fusion of talent, resilience, and community spirit, encapsulating Yongai’s unwavering commitment to realizing her dreams.

Individuals interested in contributing to the event through donations, gifts, or other forms of support are encouraged to reach out to the organizers before April 28th.

In a resounding testament to the power of unwavering belief and perseverance, Mary Yei Yongai’s pursuit of the Guinness World Records Makeup Challenge serves as a beacon of inspiration for individuals worldwide, reminding us all that with dedication and resolve, dreams can indeed become reality.



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