April 21, 2021

By Ilyasa Baa

Five thousand street-beggars in the streets of Freetown are going to benefit from the supply of assorted items including food and clothes starting from Monday to Wednesday, this week.

This gesture emanates from a non – political entity registered as Decency Family Organization which started as a whatsapp group some seven years ago. 

CEO , Decency Family Organization, Mohamed Hashim Clarkson distributing gifts to the poor

The distribution of the assorted items rolls out for three days starting on Monday, at Kissy Road, street-beggars at Cotton Tree benefited on Tuesday and Wednesday today the distribution exercise will continue on to street-beggars on Pademba Road and Susan’s Bay where fire victims are in need of help.

Chief Executive Officer, Decency Family Organization, Mohamed Hashim Clarkson, told A-Z that their gesture is as a result of their desire to help the needy. He said the organization is blessed with patriotic Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad who are willing to put resources together to help fellow Sierra Leoneans. He said people have to intervene to rescue the poor; not   just leaving it all in the hands of the government, he added, noting that the organization will continue this drive for as long as they are able to put resources together.

He said when they heard the news of the fire accident in Susan’s Bay, they decided to have a meeting and find ways of mobilizing resources. He said a good number of the victims in Susan’s Bay will receive hand-out to help ameliorate the sufferings they are facing, currently after their houses gutted by fire, last month.  

He said they are planning to dole out bags of rice to various mosques in the city for the Lailatul-gadri which Muslims will observe before the end of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Decency Family Organization has a membership of over one hundred well minded Sierra Leoneans with the aim of providing assistance to the needy.


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