SLPPNA Recommits Financial, Technical Supports For President Bio Re-Election


By: Mohamed M. Sesay

Just after the Africa Leadership Summit in the United States of America, the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America (SLPPNA) Region superintended by its indomitable Chairman Desmond Pessima, held a meeting with President Julius Maada Bio wherein, the SLPPNA  gave an undying assurance and optimism to President Bio that the SLPPNA is in high spirit to use their little resources and expertise in reaching out to the last village in Sierra Leone throughout the electioneering campaign in ensuring that President Bio is reelected 2023 without run-off.

Chairman Desmond Pessima crystallized that during the registration of voters, they came to Sierra Leone with their resources and expertise reaching out to their respective villages, and encouraging people to be actively involved in the Voter Registration process. Chairman Desmond Pessima also reaffirmed the SLPPNA commitment to replicate that same vim and vigor exhibited during the Voter Registration Exercise to the 2023 electioneering campaign with the focus of re-electing President Bio.

Chairman Desmond Pessima also gave undying trust and confidence to President Bio that the SLPPNA would visit the last village from the North, South and Eastern provinces of Sierra Leone as a united SLPP North America, to campaign for the no run-off reelection of President Bio.

“I want to tell you Mr. President that our commitment is reaffirmed and that commitment is going to be extended throughout the country as we move across as a united SLPP North America to campaign for your no-run-off reelection”, said Chairman Pessima.

Chairman Desmond Pessima also reassured that the SLPPNA would come as a region to participate united, with their little resources and expertise to go down the trenches during the campaign. He recalled that President Bio has always been reminding them not to just limit themselves in America speaking English without taking an active part in the country’s socio-economic and political revitalization.

In accordance with a such clarion call from the President, Chairman Desmond Pessima made an indelible stance that they are going to put the English aside in 2023, and go down to Freetown, Bo, Makeni and other parts of the country as a united SLPP North America, to be part of the historic no run-off election of President Bio.

Chairman Desmond Pessima also used the opportunity to extend profound thanks to President Bio for being adamant in pushing for the adoption of the Proportional Representation System in the 2023 multi-tier elections. He acknowledged that during the constituency system, most communities were unfashionably unrepresented which the PR System would address. He also appreciated the President for staying committed to Women’s Empowerment as he has been dubbed as a champion of women’s empowerment. He said the SLPPNA and Sierra Leone by extension would continue to celebrate President Bio for promoting Women’s Empowerment. Chairman Pessima also thanked Her Excellency Madam Fatima Maada Bio for her indefatigable effort in making sure that she champions issues of women empowerment and sexual violence across the globe.

 Desmond Pessima Concluded by convoking that with the adoption of the Proportional Representation System, the Sierra Leone People’s Party would have majority seats in the Well of Parliament. Chairman Desmond Pessima also expressed elation and optimism that the discriminatory law preventing the diaspora from participating in the country’s body politics would be soon expunged. He, therefore, requested that the SLPPNA has five men and women who want to represent their people in parliament and therefore, called for a kind consideration of the President and National Chairman of the Party to incorporate the SLPPNA into the PR System.

The Desmond Pessima SLPPNA led Executive also recognized and awarded President Bio and his team for their enviable work in efficaciously managing state affairs. Below are among the meritorious awardees of the maiden SLPPNA Excellence Service Awards. His Excellency President Bio was presented Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition and honor for his inimitable achievements as African Leader of the year in 2022. First Lady Madam Fatima Bio has also presented an award in recognition and honor of her achievement as a global champion and Pioneer of the UN Zero Tolerance Policy for Sexual Exploitation. Jacob Jusu Saffa, the country’s Chief Minister has presented an award in recognition of his excellent contribution towards enhancing fiscal discipline when he was Minister of Finance among others.


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