By: Thaimu Bai Sesay

The Government of Sierra Leone through the Office of the President has on a press statement dated 12th December 2023 has called on identified institutions to submit all relevant details of all nominated individuals that will serve as moral guarantor not later than today 14th December, 2023.

“On the 1st November 2023, the team from the Government of Sierra Leone made a working visit to the national headquarters of the All People’s Congress (APC) party where the ‘parties’ of GoSL and APC jointly worked on and approved the document for tracking the roll out and implementation of the Resolutions contained in the ‘Agreement of National Unity,” Chief Minister, Head of Government Delegation in the mediated dialogue revealed.

In the status update document from the Office of the President, the Chief Minister highlighted the first resolution in the agreement, which was for the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to deliver a national address on unity, peace and national cohesion. On that the Chief Minister with evidence confirmed on the President commitment, saying ‘the address was well received by the citizens of the Republic.’

On the second resolution which was for the APC Party to end its non-participation in Governance, the Chief Minister in the status update document confirmed that all Members of Parliament from the APC had taken oath of office and were actively participating in Parliament debates. He continued that the all the Chairpersons and Mayors had also taken oath of office and were in their respective post. He further revealed that three councilors in Bo city and one in Bonth were yet to sworn in due to scheduling challenges but however assured of completing their process in the nest opportunity by the Chief Administrators.

On the third resolution to set up a cross party committee to review the electoral systems and management bodies, Chief Minister confirmed that the list submitted by the APC Party was approved in its entirety, adding that the committee had also been launched by the President at State House on 21st November 2023. He also confirmed that initial meetings had been taken place whilst the development of terms of references was progressing.

On the forth resolution which was to release any person detained or imprisoned for alleged elections and civil protests, the Chief Minister said all prisoners and detainees at the Pademba Road central correctional services and other facilities had been unlawfully released during the attempted failed coup by the assailants. He however assured that the security forces are still working relentlessly on tracking the escaped inmates.

He revealed that the Government had already started reviewing the list submitted by the APC on a case by case to determine the nature of offices but said the activity had been put on hold until prisoners return or recaptured. He reinforced the Government call on the APC party to help in the process, particularly with those on the list of wanted persons. He affirmed that the leadership of the House of Parliament and the MPs were working together consistent with their internal rules and procedures with regards to their conditions of service in Parliament.

On the fifth resolution that called for the re-engineer of the relationships between the President and the former political leaders, he confirmed that the former Vice President Hon. Dr. Victor Foh and his Excellency the President do maintain regular contacts.

“Former President Ernest Bai Koroma is currently under investigation for his role in the recent coup attempted against the government of His Excellency President Brig, Rtd. Dr. Julius Maada Bio,” Chief Minister confirmed in the status update document.

On resolution seven which called on the Government and the APC Party to condemn all hate speeches, Chief Minister made reference to the recent attempted coup and confirmed that both the Government and the APC had released press statement condemning hate speech, adding that more needed to be done. He revealed that hate speech was still taking place but assured the government continued effort to address that.

On the last resolution in the status update document which forced all parties to implore commitment in the implementation of the agreements reached, the Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone said the list of nominated Moral Guarantors had been jointly developed by the Government and the APC. He confirmed that he had prepared and dispatched the letters informing identified institutions of their nomination and seeking names of details of representatives and concluded with the announcement of the deadline for receipts of names of institutional representatives to serve as Moral Guarantors which is on the 14th December 2023.


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