In an open discussion with our correspondent at his D.O. Barracks Chambers in Koidu City, Magistrate Joseph Toby, the newly transferred resident magistrate of the Sefadu Magistrate Court in Kono District, expressed concern over the failure to bring alleged sexual penetration survivors to court for trial. He emphasized that this practice undermines justice and is a futile effort on the part of court officials.

Magistrate Toby stressed the importance of fairness in legal proceedings, highlighting that accused individuals should not be kept in remand indefinitely without the plaintiffs and survivors appearing in court. He reiterated the principle of innocence until proven guilty in a competent court of law. Since assuming office in Kono District, Magistrate Toby has encountered over five alleged sexual penetration cases where the survivors failed to appear in court. He emphasized that a fair number of appearances by the accused should be sufficient for a verdict, sentence, or judgment.

While Magistrate Toby has yet to conclude any of these cases, he warned that he would ensure diligence and fairness by taking necessary actions if the plaintiffs and survivors continue to be absent from court proceedings.

In another case heard at the same court, Magistrate Joseph Toby sentenced Alhaji Barrie Jalloh to a minimum of thirty months imprisonment or a fine of four thousand new Leones for larceny, as per section two of the Larceny Act 1916. The offense was committed in December 2023 at the former World Vision office in Koakoyima, Koidu City. Alhaji Barrie Jalloh pleaded guilty and received the prescribed sentence.

This demonstrates Magistrate Toby’s commitment to upholding the law and ensuring that justice is served in the Sefadu Magistrate Court.



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