By: Problyn J Alpha

Some family members of the late OSD Police Constable 18865 have alleged that they have not been preview to the postmortem examination result for the demise of their son Emmanuel Tamba Manda.

The deceased family members are still questioning the manner in which their son reportedly killed himself and have asked government to intervene in the said matter for justice to prevail. It could be recalled that the deceased according to report whilst in a police vehicle together with his colleagues travelling to be deployed to mend the Sierra Leone and Liberia boarders due to the October 10th Liberia general elections, OSD Police Constable 18865 (now deceased) and his colleagues reportedly had a break down, noting it was during the process of repairing the said police vehicle when the deceased took leave of his colleagues to attend to nature in a nearby Bush. The report further disclosed that after the deceased had left twenty to twenty five minutes his colleagues heard a gunshot, adding upon arriving at the scene where the gun shot allegedly came from the deceased colleagues met him and his gun lying on the ground in the bush he went to attend to nature dead. 

Sahr Joe is the step father of the deceased, whilst expressing his dissatisfaction on behalf of the family members over the way their son killed himself as alleged, noted that as family members they were very surprised to be informed on the 5th of October 2023,that their son who left them in  the district with sound mind and body reportedly gun down himself when he went to attend to nature as alleged, noting police source states that upon the arrival of his colleagues they met their son struggling between life and death while one of his bullets was  missing a report which the step father said is very difficult to understand or believe, he cried.

Mr. Joe stressed that the deceased been a small man without wife and children had no reason to kill himself but as family members they had no option by then but to accept the remains of their son for burial though the corpse was in a very bad condition as blood was oozing profusely all over his head. He said efforts by some family members to observe the remains of their brother or son were resisted by the police officers present especially the OSD Eastern region coordinator superintendent Fomba Jusu thereby arising the abounding suspicions of the family members that a fouwl was played in the death of their son as no postmortem examination result was submitted to them as family members to ascertain what was really responsible for the death of their son Emmanuel Tamba Manda. The step father further maintained that after a heated confrontation between them as family members and the police officers present they finally buried the remains of their son. Sahr Joe noted that his step son was very respectful and dutiful, noting it was only one time when he went for work late which later led to his punishment in Freetown for a month and was later transferred to Kenema District where he met his tragic demise.

Responding to the aforementioned allegations in a mobile phone interview, the Operations Support Division (OSD) of the Sierra Leone police Eastern region coordinator superintendent Fomba Jusu foremost maintained that his region had a mandate to deploy police personnel at all major crossing borders between Sierra Leone and Liberia to avoid any spillover effects whilst the Liberians were going to the polls ,noting it was on that back drop the deceased including his colleagues drawn from Daru, Kono, Kenema and Kailahun were travelling to be deployed when he met his demise.

According to superintendent Jusu prior to said incident the deceased and his colleagues due to the long distance they were to cover for the said deployment spent a whole night at a village on their way travelling, adding the following morning it was the deceased that opted to warm the leftover food and after eaten as a Kush addict the deceased took leave of his colleagues to attend to nature in a nearby Bush, noting it was during the process the deceased according to report gun down himself.

He said when his colleagues later arrived at the scene they met the deceased gun opened with one bullet missing. The OSD Eastern region coordinator of the Sierra Leone police pointed out that he later instructed by hiring an ambulance for the remains of the deceased to be brought to the Kenema government hospital mortuary for preservation purpose. He said the aforementioned allegations by the family members of the deceased were untrue, noting for the said corpse to be kept at the mortuary in Kenema it was done at his expense on humanitarian grounds because his office has no provision for personnel welfare.

He noted that this was not the first time personnel has died in active service but the deceased own scenario of death was very unfortunate and as a result he had no option but to do all he could to convey his remains to Kono District for burial.

“Whilst in Kono l handed over an envelope enclosed with the death certificate and postmortem examination result to the family members of the deceased superintendent,” Fomba Jusu opined.

The OSD Eastern region coordinator while describing the death of PC 18865 as a big loss not only to his family member, but to the Sierra Leone Police and the country as a whole. He intimated this medium that CID officers from the regional headquarters of the Sierra Leone police in Kenema have visited the scene of crime where photographs were taken and investigation into the matter is ongoing.


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