By Fatmata Grace Okekearu Bo City

Mogbwemo Town, March 26, 2024 – In a powerful display of community solidarity, mothers and sisters from Mogbwemo Town took to the streets today to protest against the scourge of drug abuse, particularly the rampant intake of KUSH within their community.

Gathering at the local police station, the women voiced their concerns and appealed for support from law enforcement to combat the drug epidemic plaguing their neighborhood.

Responding to their plea, Deputy Superintendent Sahrfear Alie, alongside Operation Officer ASP Amara Lansana and Crime Officer ASP Jusu, assured the women of the police force’s commitment to addressing the issue promptly and effectively. They reiterated the force’s dedication to upholding the mandate of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) organization, which prioritizes the protection of lives and properties, as well as the prevention of crime.

DSP Alie emphasized the importance of community collaboration, urging residents to provide vital information regarding drug dealers and sellers operating within the area. He stressed that with the public’s assistance, law enforcement can more efficiently target and dismantle the networks fueling the drug trade.

In a statement following the meeting, CRD and Media Officer for the Rutile Division, Amara Kallon, reiterated the division’s stance against drug abuse and its commitment to supporting community-led initiatives aimed at curbing its prevalence.

The rally, organized by concerned women, marks a pivotal moment in Mogbwemo Town’s fight against drug abuse, as community members and law enforcement join forces to safeguard the well-being of their families and the future of their town


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