In a riveting clash between Portsmouth FC and Cambridge United on Tuesday, February 13th, in the English Football League One, the spotlight was not only on the action-packed match but also on the discovery of a promising Sierra Leonean talent, Abu Kamara. Representing Portsmouth FC on loan from Norwich City, Kamara showcased his exceptional skills by netting a crucial goal, catching the keen eyes of Leone Stars scouts – Sierra Leone men’s team Ambassador Christian Dauda and National Teams Scout Morlai B. Kamara.

The emergence of Abu Kamara as a potential addition to the Leone Stars squad has injected a surge of excitement into Sierra Leonean football circles. With his preliminary consent to represent his country, Kamara’s inclusion promises a significant boost to the national team’s prowess on the international stage. Negotiations are underway, and as Kamara’s commitment solidifies, Leone Stars fans are eagerly anticipating the prospect of witnessing his contributions in the national jersey.

Moreover, the encounter also featured the talents of Sierra Leonean winger Sullaiman Kaikai, who plies his trade for Cambridge United. Kaikai’s involvement in the match further emphasized the depth of talent within the Sierra Leonean diaspora in English football. Notably, Kaikai played a pivotal role in his team’s performance, providing an assist for the lone goal scored for Cambridge United.

The discovery of Abu Kamara and the continued success of players like Sullaiman Kaikai underline the burgeoning potential of Sierra Leonean football on the global stage. With an increasing number of talented individuals emerging from the diaspora and demonstrating their skills in professional leagues, Sierra Leone’s national team is poised for significant progress in international competitions. As negotiations progress and the anticipation builds, the future looks

bright for Leone Stars football, with Abu Kamara’s potential inclusion marking a pivotal moment in the country’s sporting journey.

SLFA Media Department


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