Koidu Limited Mining Company Provides Fuel To NEMS Ambulances In Kono


By: Problyn J. Alpha

As part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Koidu Limited Mining Company has approved to support the National Emergency Medical Service (NEMS) through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation  with diesel on monthly basis to boost  the operations  of NEMS in Kono District. The supply  of Diesel  according to the coordinator  of the National Emergency Medical Service, Joseph  Sahr Ansumana  will not only  help them to work according  to expectations but will as well help them to save the lives of many people in the district.

This is because the effective operations of NEMS highly hinges on the availability of fuel. It could be recalled that some times in 2019, the Government  of Sierra Leone started  the  National Emergency  Medical Service  Project in Sierra Leone to achieve an operational or professional  excellence in providing  a sustainable  and maintenance  Referral system  of Ambulances. With the aim of achieving this, the Government of Sierra Leone  then provided  ambulances  and seven of  the said ambulances provided  by the  Government  of  Sierra Leone were sent to  Kono, but  over the  years, the operations of NEMS in the district  was seriously  challenged  due to fuel scarcity  and shortage.

It is against this backdrop, that the Coordinator  of NEMS in  Kono District officially  wrote to the head of Security  and Strategic Coordinator  Koidu Limited Mining Company Ndakolo Mutota for support in  order to cushion the challenges  of fuel scarcity  and the shortage   they   are faced  with. He added that the official request to support NEMS was  approved by the Management of Koidu Limited  mining company early  in January 2023.  Coordinator  Ansumana further  intimated  that the  decision  by the Management  of  Koidu Limited to be  fueling  the  seven Ambulances  in Kono District is a big blessing  to the  residents of Kono District starting  from the  first of January to date  they have transported  more than fifty (50) pregnant  women  from the different  peripheral  Health Units across the district to the Koidu Government  Hospital.

He added that the support from Koidu Limited will greatly help them to reduce maternal mortality in the district. When asked to know the monitoring mechanisms his office is going to put in place to ensure drivers of the ambulances do not removed fuel from the vehicles? Joseph Sahr Ansumana  explained  that all the seven ambulances  are well  GPS and that drivers will not be  able to remove  fuel from the vehicles  and even if they try to do so, the GPS on the  vehicles  will help them know any  clandestine  activities  of the drivers.

He said the community people are also key in the monitoring activities should they suspect any fraudulent activities of the drivers.

 “Our Primary objectives  as NEMS is to ensure that pregnant women, children and everybody in the district  do not meet their demise  as a result of  fuel scarcity now that  we are  getting  fuel support  from Koidu Limited Mining company and  Partners  in Health.  We are expecting the government to only provide funds to maintenance the vehicles and to work on salary issues of the drivers  to ensure  the work goes on efficiently”, Coordinator Ansumana  explained.

Joseph Sahr Ansumana  further  intimated that the  support they are receiving  from Koidu Limited is going to be a continuous  one as  Koidu Limited  will only  stop when the project shall have come to an end or Koidu Limited  stops   operations in the district., but as long as  the project continues, Koidu Limited will always  provide  fuel for the  seven  ambulances. Mr. Ansumana  encouraged  all and sundry  to always  make  themselves  available  at the various  Health centres  whenever  they are  sick or to freely  call on 075300400 or 033400300 should they need the service  of any of the ambulances in Kono District. Meanwhile, residents of Kono District have thanked  and appreciated  the management  of Koidu Limited  mining company for their good will  gesture in making  sure that everybody in the  district have  access to medical care service in the  district and  implored the management to do more.


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