Jaycee Poisoned: Widow Denied Access To Post Mortem Result


By: Ilyasa Baa

The legally wedded wife of the late Abu Bakarr Koroma commonly known as T Boy, Freda has not got access to see the death certificate neither the post mortem result of her husband since she came for the burial less than two weeks ago.

The body of her husband was not allowed to be taken out of the mortuary until the consent of the late man’s fiancée.

Binta was sought only then did the family get access to the corpse which was laid to rest at the Palmer Street cemetery in Wellington last Friday. 

Our source informed that what led to the demise of T Boy is still not yet clear to the widow who is left with three kids in the U.K. to bring up singlehandedly. 

The post mortem result is with family members who are not in good terms with the widow but with the fiancée whom her late husband caught up with at Liberia Bar in the east end of Freetown sometime last year while hanging out.

Binta, it seems, was accepted mainly by a sister of the deceased. She succeeded in making the family believe that she is carrying four months pregnancy for the deceased who came from London on some business arrangements with his wife. 

Meanwhile, a meeting has been slated to take place after the seventh day ceremony to ascertain what and what the deceased left in the world including lands and cash.


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