In a significant move towards fostering effective collaboration and partnership, Paolo Lubrano, the Interim Country Director of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), led a delegation to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) on March 26, 2024. The delegation, including outgoing Country Director Saffea Senessie and Program Director Leanne Greenfield, aimed to bolster ties with the MoPED’s Director of NGO Affairs, Eric Massally.

During the courtesy call, Mr. Massally warmly welcomed Lubrano and commended Senessie for his exemplary contributions in enhancing the relationship between the government and its partners. Massally emphasized Senessie’s leadership in pivotal areas such as the review of the NGO Policy framework and his role in the INGO steering committee, underlining his significant role in advancing the nation’s development agenda.

Director Massally underscored the importance of aligning IRC’s priorities with the recently launched Medium-Term National Development Plan 2024-2030, particularly focusing on food security, Human Capital Development, and Job Creation for Young People. He also stressed the significance of tools like the NGO Mapping Tool and Development Cooperation Framework (DCF) for effective service delivery and monitoring progress in project implementation.

Assuring Lubrano of the government’s steadfast support, Director Eric emphasized creating an enabling environment for NGOs to deliver essential services to vulnerable populations, especially in remote communities. He reiterated the government’s recognition of IRC as a trusted partner in health and education development initiatives.

Discussions during the meeting encompassed crucial areas such as strengthening partnership and collaboration, enhancing coordination mechanisms at national and district levels, aligning programs/projects, involving the government in program launches, and digitizing the registration process.

Looking ahead, Mr. Massally mentioned plans for future engagements with the Minister of Planning and Economic Development to deepen collaboration further.

Expressing gratitude, Lubrano thanked the government, particularly MoPED’s NGO Directorate, for their unwavering support and partnership. He commended the government for fostering an environment conducive to long-standing cooperation and reiterated IRC’s commitment to continued collaboration.

The meeting concluded with assurances of ongoing cooperation between IRC and MoPED, signaling a promising trajectory of partnership towards achieving shared development goals.



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