In a decisive move against the burgeoning crisis of synthetic substance abuse, the Sierra Leone Police have dismissed three officers found complicit in the consumption of “kush,” a potent substance posing grave health risks to the nation’s youth. The announcement came during a press conference convened on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, at the police headquarters in Freetown.

Franklyn Bawoh, Head of Complaints, Discipline, and Internal Investigations Department (CDIID), underscored the escalating threat posed by the influx of “kush,” stressing its catastrophic impact on the well-being of Sierra Leone’s youth. Bawoh lamented the soaring addiction rates and associated fatalities among the youth population, attributing these alarming trends to the proliferation of the synthetic substance.

Detailing recent enforcement efforts, Bawoh disclosed the arrest of three police officers apprehended while under the influence of “kush” in various districts of Freetown. Following their detention, rigorous investigations were promptly initiated by the CDIID.

Among the dismissed officers were PC 15808 Ibrahim Alhaji Kamara, PC 14772 Joseph T.M Conteh Koroma alias “Junior Money,” and PC 16474 Mohamed Dumbuya, all attached to the Operational Support Division (OSD) headquarters. Bawoh affirmed that the implicated officers had been handed over to the Transnational Organized Crime Unit for further scrutiny.

Highlighting the legal ramifications, Bawoh revealed that the officers faced multiple charges under relevant statutes, including the Complaints, Discipline, and Internal Investigations Department Act and the Pharmacy Board Act of 2001. Of particular note was the severe indictment leveled against an officer prominently featured in social media footage, depicting civilians shaving his head in an act of impunity, who faced five distinct charges.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Moigueh, Local Unit Commander at Central Division, elaborated on the broader crackdown on drug trafficking within his jurisdiction. Moigueh reported the seizure of over five hundred wraps of “kush” from various drug cartels operating in the central division.

Similarly, Emmanuel Kpulum, Local Unit Commander at Harbour Division, outlined efforts to combat “kush” trade and marijuana distribution within his area of responsibility.

In a separate update, Assistant Commissioner of Police Alimamy Koroma, National Traffic Coordinator, disclosed a total of two hundred and seventy-three vehicles apprehended for various offenses in 2024. Notably, twenty-four vehicles were found to be unlicensed, thirty-seven unregulated, with two hundred and fifty-four subjected to legal proceedings.

The dismissals and subsequent legal actions underscore the Sierra Leone Police’s commitment to combating substance abuse and upholding law and order, particularly in light of its detrimental effects on public health and safety.




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