In the ongoing Court Martial trial, the Judge Advocate has ruled against the Lawyer representing the sixth accused, Corporal Edwin Koroma, alias Smallie. The lawyer, Ibrahim Bangura from the Legal Aid Board, had requested the Medical Report of his client from the Correctional Service medical practitioner.

Bangura made the application concerning the well-being and welfare of his client, stating that Corporal Edwin Koroma is suffering from a serious illness requiring proper medical attention. Consequently, the Judge Advocate, Mark Ngeba, ordered the sixth accused to undergo a proper examination to expedite the trial.

Previously, Judge Advocate Ngeba instructed the Prosecution to address the welfare concerns raised by the defense.

Appearing in Court on Friday, February 23, 2024, Mr. Bangura applied for the medical report of the sixth accused to be presented to him by the medical doctor from the Correctional Service. He stressed the report’s importance in his client’s defense. Despite his arguments, the Judge Advocate rejected the application, citing the confidentiality of doctor-patient privilege. He underscored that such information must not be violated, similar to the confidentiality between a lawyer and their client.

The Judge Advocate clarified that Court Martial proceedings have specific mandates that cannot exceed their jurisdiction. As a result, he declined to grant the application.

The court proceeded with the testimony of the seventeen prosecution witnesses after addressing the concerns raised by Lawyer Ady Macauley and Ibrahim Bangura.



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