The European Union Delegation to Sierra Leone kicked off celebrations for Europe Day by announcing the launch of the European Union-Sierra Leone Bus Tour. The event, graced by the Hon. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation, Madame Francess Alghali, marks the beginning of a two-week journey across several districts of Sierra Leone.

The tour aims to showcase the impact of Team Europe’s support for Sierra Leonean initiatives and to foster closer engagement with beneficiaries. Representatives from 27 EU Member States and EU Institutions, including Germany, Ireland, and France, will participate in the tour, highlighting the collective effort in development cooperation.

Aligned with Sierra Leone’s National Medium Term Development Plan and the Big 5 Game Changers, Team Europe’s interventions focus on boosting the economy, accelerating social development, and strengthening democracy and the rule of law, including human rights.

Key areas of support include green transition, education, good governance, and the Spotlight Initiative, a joint effort with the United Nations to combat Sexual and Gender Based Violence. The EU commended Sierra Leone for its Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Act, which has led to increased female representation in government and parliament.

Recognizing the importance of the private sector in driving economic growth, the EU has partnered with the Sierra Leonean government to improve the business climate and facilitate domestic and international investments. Initiatives such as Feed Salone aim to harness the country’s agricultural potential by providing access to affordable loans for private sector operators.

The EU also lauded Sierra Leonean stakeholders for progress in implementing the agreement on National Unity, emphasizing the importance of a conducive political environment for economic development. Looking ahead, the EU pledged continued support for electoral reforms and constitutional reform processes to strengthen democracy and national unity.

Furthermore, the EU reaffirmed its commitment to multilateralism and expressed solidarity with Sierra Leone, particularly regarding the ongoing crises in Gaza and Ukraine. The EU urged all parties to work towards peaceful resolutions and emphasized the need for international cooperation to address global challenges.

In conclusion, the European Union reiterated its unwavering support for Sierra Leone’s development aspirations and toasted to the prosperity and well-being of the country on Europe Day, reaffirming the strong partnership between Sierra Leone and Europe.


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