In a dramatic courtroom scene at the Sefadu Magistrate Court, Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh found himself in the dock facing three serious charges: economic and physiological abuse, as well as malicious damage to property. The proceedings, presided over by Magistrate Joseph Toby, unfolded with testimonies that shed light on a tumultuous relationship and alleged misconduct.

The plaintiff, Fanta Foyoh, took the stand and swore on the Holy Koran, asserting her status as the wife of the defendant. She recounted her initial encounter with Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh, whom she sought out for prayers amid marital troubles with her former husband. However, what began as spiritual guidance purportedly evolved into a romantic entanglement, according to her testimony.

Fanta Foyoh described a series of events where Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh purportedly claimed divine insight, dissuading her from reconciling with her former husband and instead professing love to her. Their relationship allegedly progressed to the extent that they embarked on visits to various towns and chiefdoms to introduce her to his family, cementing their bond.

Yet, the narrative took a darker turn when Fanta Foyoh detailed a ritualistic oath-taking ceremony in a remote location, where she claims to have been coerced into consuming a concoction under false pretenses. She alleged that Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh reneged on his part of the oath, raising suspicions about his intentions.

Further exacerbating the situation, Fanta Foyoh accused her husband of neglecting his responsibilities and selling off property without her consent, leaving her and their son in precarious living conditions. She also expressed fear for her safety, citing threats allegedly made by Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh against her life.

In response, Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh faced rigorous cross-examination, during which he refuted the allegations leveled against him. Despite his protestations, the magistrate deemed it necessary to remand him at the Sefadu Male Correctional Center, citing the gravity of the charges.

However, due to health concerns, Pastor Sahr Victor Foyoh was subsequently granted bail in the amount of thirty thousand Leones, with two sureties required. The courtroom proceedings adjourned with the case set to reconvene on Monday, February 12th, 2024.

The unfolding saga highlights the complexities of personal relationships intertwined with matters of faith and legal accountability, leaving observers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding courtroom drama.


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