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Delegates Speak Loud and Clear: PAY BACK TIME FOR MANSO DUMBUYA

September 21, 2021

Albert Baron Ansu

Chairman of Sierra Leone Ports Authority the veteran politician and incumbent chairman of the Western Area of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party, (SLPP) has formally declared his intention to run for the retention of the regional leadership.

 He astounded a mammoth crowd of delegates inclusive of district chairpersons of the regional and other party stakeholders when he disclosed that the Vice President swore to get him arrested if dared to go ahead with conducting constituency and district elections that had been approved by the party secretariat.

Whilst assuring party supporters that there is all indication that he has won the pending elections, he apologized to constituents who are affected by the action of the Vice President in objecting to the conduct of the elections on security concerns.

 He appealed to all to keep the peace, stressing that he did not stop the election. He said even President Bio had called them to find out the processes leading to elections.. He disclosed that one of his returning officer by the name of Bunduka was arrested because one of the constituencies went ahead to elect their delegates in disregard of the Vice President’s stay order.

 He referred to his critics who are harping on his age as reason for to phase saying if you know how run you life you can get old, adding that politics is not a game of rugby, high jump  as a preserve for the young but something actually as based on experience. He cited the great America when an aged Joe Biden won the elections against a relatively younger Donald Trump. He argued that electing him is chairman to conclude his tenure is an exercise in paying him back for the long suffering and loyalty to the party since the 1960s to date. He said his winning strategy is based on the acronym MAD, Manso against the Devil.

“I started it and will end it,” an elated Manso Dumbuya ended his speech which he stood deliver for close to forty minutes.

Earlier the chairman of the event Rev. Hindolo S. Butcher retraced the political life of Manso Dumbuya since he was adopted by one of the doyens of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, the late MS Mustapha who groomed him to be a seasoned and loyal politician.

Rev.  Butcher said he and Manson Dumbuya have history of serving jail terms at Pademba Road under the dictatorship of the late President Siaka Steven. He followed the political life of Manso Dumbuya as a youth who contested elections under the banner of SLPP during the one party APC rule to the period of democracy when became Member of Parliament and won best parliamentarian accolade by the ranking of All Works of Life.

One momentous incident of the event was the endorsement of Manso Dumbuya by all SLPP Members of Parliament of the Western Area.

All district chairpersons including Dr. Eldred Tailor, Mr. John Gbondo Margai, Mr. Abioseh Bassie, Pst. Ing. Gerald Nabbay, Ing. Augustine Kallon and their representatives whilst endorsing, paid glowing tribute to Manso Dumbuya as the most suited to be voted in his final bid to win and provide the guidance in winning more seats in the western area come 2023.

The event was interspersed with entertainment in campaign songs and dances.

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