Monday, October 18, 2021

CSSL Boss Calls for Forest Protections

October 12, 2021

By Audrey John

“It is very important for us to protect our forests and everything that is found within, because one day they will be beneficial to us” these are the exact words of Dr. Sheka Kamara the executive director of Conservation Society Sierra Leone, when making a brief statement in commemoration of the wild life week at the National Park Big Water around the peninsular.

According to Dr Kamara conservation society Sierra Leone was established in 1986, thirty five years ago, by Dr Sonai Banya and partners who saw some of the challenges we may face with time as development is taking place destroying the government.

He also stated that conservation society Sierra Leone is serving as mouth piece to guard the people and the government or how to use the natural resources sustainable for the benefit of all speaking about the wild life week.

 Dr. Kamara said every year in October they observed it as international week to bring out the importance of wild life which consist of Both plants and animals serves as nature and should be protected because even though they have been categorized. The do benefit us as humans.

Dr. Kamara said they wrote proposal to the community requesting their approval to bring tourism in their community.

“In the process we spoke to them negotiate and make sure they understand that what we are bring to them is important” he stated.

He said even though they face tough resistance from the community, they are able to engage them in order to make them understand the benefit wild life protection will gave to them, because if the forest is damage it will lead to global warm” he concluded.

In his statement the public relation officer of conservation society Sierra Leone Abdul Kapri Dumbuya the essence of celebrating wild life week speaking on the benefits of the community the Headman of Big Water community under the Yoke rural district Moses Sesay appreciated conservation society Sierra Leone of taking such development to their community which according to him will be beneficial to the people.  He said the community has been yearning for project from different sectors within the government, which are yet to be approved he said he believe that Hastings the national park will attract so many investment in his community going lecture on the important of conservation and management of wild life are preventative from conservation society Sierra Leone.

Papani Bai Sesay said wild life bring balance in the economic system he said Sierra Leone have six hundred and seventy five species of birds, but because of our negative attitude must of them are going far away.

Mr. Sesay further revealed that Sierra Leone is among those countries that are boasting of the big five mammals in the world which attract visitors.

Talking about plants he said Sierra Leone has over thousand and ninety species of plant.

He urged all present to put effort in promoting tourism which will be beneficial for the country however statements from other speakers, comments, questions and suggestions climaxed the ceremony.

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