Chairman Pessima Rubbishes APC`s Propaganda


 By: Mohamed M. Sesay

The Chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America (SLPPNA) Region Desmond Pessima, has in its vehement terms, refuted the All People’s Congress Party (APC) social media fabricated lies and propaganda deceitfully claiming that members of the SLPP in the United States of America, are declaring their supports for Dr. Samura Kamara for the June 24th elections.

Chairman Desmond Pessima considered such political gimmick and deception by the APC as a gross demonstration of their astonishing incompetence to convince the SLPPNA electorate with the truth by dumping the APC’s tragically misguided and delusional mental garbage on social media claiming that key ruling SLPP officials and former executives of the SLPP are poised to declare for Dr Samura Kamara.

Chairman Desmond Pessima pinned such trash from the APC as central to the anatomy of APC pathological liars who are dodging the tough questions on the Machiavellian & reckless kleptomaniac octogenarian Samura Kamara.

 He edified that the reason for Samura Kamara’s visit to the USA is not an open secret to every Sierra Leonean. He further that Samura Kamara’s visit is not unconnected to his trial on corruption charges. He reiterated that Dr.  Samura Kamara is in the USA with his defense team, the Anti-Corruption Commission & the Sierra Leone Judiciary regarding his corruption allegation. 

“In the midst of a barrage of very significant national issues deserving & competing for my humble attention, I browsed through an APC lie and propaganda containing fabricated claims of SLPP USA deflection to APC”, he said.

Chairman Desmond Pessima continued that while deflections from APC to SLPP are increasing at geometric rate both in Sierra Leone and in North America, not a single vote has walked the reverse. He said it was never a surprise to see another social media pseudo political event where same APC member may claim to be deflecting from SLPP to APC.

He dubbed the APC to be very notorious for lies and propaganda.  He therefore, refuted that such claim was utterly orthogonal to the reality in the North America region. “We wax triumphant at our unity as party members across the 27 states in the USA striving to reelect His Excellency Rt. Brig. Julius Maada Bio on 24th June without a runoff. To all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, please treat the APC fabrication with the scorn & disgust it deserves while bracing to re-elect H.E. President Bio on June 24, 2023 without run-off”, he concluded.


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