By: Mohamed Abu Conteh

The CEO and owner of HADA FC Louis Toumbas have on 6th May 2023 met with the players and officials of HADA FC at the Sierra Leone Football Association Secretariat Kingdom.

The visit was geared towards the development of the team and importantly making known the intention of opening the team’s clubhouse.

Australian philanthropy football maverick Louis Toumbas, that has been touched by so many lives in Sierra Leone, players and nonplayers alike, has big ambitions, and he wants to bring people closer to God through the beauty of the game.

Addressing the gathering at the FA’s Secretariat Head of Competition and Coordinator of Youth Football from the Sierra Leone Football Association Sorie Ibrahim Sesay, and Alimamy Kurish Conteh,  lauded the strides of Louis Toumbas and the tremendous work done towards growing the youthful game,  humanitarian gestures,  among many other things.

The duo also Commended the team for the remarkable feat attained at home and outside Sierra Leone as they have truly made the country proud.

Parents of the club expressed delight and they presented gifts to the Magnanimous Louis for helping their children and noting that they appreciate all that he has done and still doing for the boys as they hope to receive more.

Louis Toumbas was overwhelmed with Joy over his interaction with the team for the first time as he has only been seeing photos and videos of the Team, and he confessed how elated he was to experience firsthand account of the team and the progress made thus far and noted that it was a pleasure for him.

He maintained that the players should always honor their parents and for their days to be longer on earth and also exhibit discipline and respect for authorities.

He informed the gathering of his plans to construct a Stadium for the boys in the not-too-distant future.

The boys were delighted to present all the trophies they have won to the CEO and faithfully assured him of their enthusiasm to win more laurels for the team.

For the players, they will forever remain grateful to Louis and HADA FC for providing a springboard of opportunities for them.

They also presented gifts to Louis as a Show of appreciation.

Louis Toumbas and their guests from the Football Association decorated both the U-13 and U-17 players with medals for the trophies they won a couple of days ago.

Team Manager King David Kargbo appreciated the efforts of the parents and then applauded his boss for his timely visit.


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