In a dramatic turn of events, Hon. Lahai Marah, Chairman of the All-People’s Party (APC) in Falaba District, has publicly criticized the party’s leadership for their sudden withdrawal from the ongoing Tripartite Committee engagement. The Tripartite Committee, composed of the ruling SLPP, the opposition APC, and the international community, was established to investigate the country’s post-war elections, examine electoral laws, systems, and processes, and make recommendations to prevent future electoral mishaps.

Marah voiced his concerns over what he perceives as a lack of transparency and strategic missteps by the party’s top leadership, specifically pointing fingers at the Leader of the party, Dr. Samura Kamara.

At the heart of Marah’s discontent is the handling of corruption allegations against APC members and the contentious decision to free political prisoners. He believes these issues were not appropriately addressed, leading to frustration and confusion within the party ranks.

“At the start of the Tripartite Committee Meeting, the APC leadership informed all District Chairpersons about their intention to engage in dialogue with the ruling SLPP. We all approved this move,” Marah stated. However, the process took a contentious turn when a Technical Committee within the APC, tasked with drafting a strategy document, clashed with Dr. Kamara’s personal approach.

The Technical Committee’s document emphasized the release of political prisoners and the dismissal of corruption charges against APC members. Contrarily, Dr. Kamara’s document, while aligning on certain points, diverged significantly, leading to internal strife.

Marah accused Dr. Kamara of betraying the party’s interests by prioritizing personal agendas over the collective strategy devised by the Technical Committee. This, he argues, has led to a fractured approach, culminating in the party’s abrupt withdrawal from the Tripartite Committee without prior consultation with the District Chairpersons.

“The APC leadership decided to issue a press release announcing our withdrawal from the Tripartite Committee at the eleventh hour without informing the District Chairpersons. This lack of transparency is unacceptable,” Marah asserted. He emphasized the confusion and frustration this decision has caused among party members, particularly given the five months already invested in the six-month dialogue process.

Marah concluded by demanding accountability from the party leadership. He called for a detailed report on the Tripartite Committee’s activities and the reasons behind the sudden withdrawal, stressing the need for the ordinary members to understand the developments leading to this decision.

“The APC leadership must present their report to the members. We deserve to know what transpired and why the decision to withdraw was made at this critical juncture,” he said.

As the political landscape in Sierra Leone continues to evolve, the internal dynamics within the APC and their impact on broader political processes remain a focal point of concern for both party members and the general populace.



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