By: Thaimu Bai Sesay

In a recent press release dated March 27, 2024, the All People’s Congress (APC) of Sierra Leone expressed deep concern over the arrest of Mr. Abubakarr Boxx Konteh, identified as a Regional Organizing Secretary North West, and other party members in the Republic of Guinea. The APC urged the international community and human rights organizations to advocate for the immediate release of the detained members.

The arrests, as reported by the Sierra Leonean Government, were linked to alleged involvement in the failed coup on November 26th and other matters related to Kush, a potent drug uncovered in Sierra Leone. The APC, however, denounced these allegations, claiming they were politically motivated and orchestrated by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) under President Maada Bio.

One contentious issue raised by the APC was the lack of information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Konteh since his arrest on March 23, 2024. Family members and legal representatives have been denied access to him, raising concerns about his safety and the transparency of the arrest.

The APC emphasized that the disappearances and denial of access to justice for detained party members represent a blatant violation of constitutional and human rights. They demanded clarification from the Sierra Leonean authorities regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Konteh and all other arrested APC members.

Furthermore, the APC criticized the SLPP government’s actions as undermining democratic principles and jeopardizing the peace and stability of Sierra Leone. They highlighted the importance of upholding the Agreement for National Unity, signed to foster a harmonious relationship between ruling and opposition parties.

The APC called upon the government of the Republic of Guinea to intervene and ensure the rights and freedoms of all Sierra Leoneans within its borders are respected according to regional and international law.

Reaffirming their commitment to democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, the APC condemned the use of state power to intimidate or unjustly detain individuals based on their political beliefs. They urged the government to engage in genuine dialogue and reconciliation to ensure political stability and peace in Sierra Leone.

In conclusion, the APC appealed to the international community and human rights organizations to take note of the developments in Sierra Leone and Guinea and advocate for the respect of democratic principles and the immediate release of detained APC members. Despite these challenges, the APC asserted its unwavering dedication to working for the betterment of Sierra Leone and its people, promising not to be deterred by acts of intimidation.

This press release underscores the escalating political tensions in Sierra Leone and the challenges to democratic governance and human rights in the region.


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