Monday, May 16, 2022

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By Hafsatu Z Bangura

An unknown fire that erupted and spread throughout neighboring houses at Bunduka Street in kabala town, Koinadugu district has killed a 15months old baby named Sirah Kondeh.

The fire according to family members and eyewitnesses said the fire occurred in the early hours of the morning.

According to the mother Tida Konoatay, she said she was at the back of the house bathing whilst the little 15months old baby girl and her brother were inside the house sleeping, prior to fire incident.

“The fire was so ferocious that the mother couldn’t reach the children on time as the fire engulfed the whole house and we couldn’t save our baby”, the father said.

However, the father said the baby’s elder brother aged 3 years was able to escape the inferno unharmed, while the 15months old baby was trapped inside and too young to escape or understand anything that was happening.

The father said he had gone to work and left the children at home with their mother Tida Konoatay who was bathing a few yards from the house leaving the children fast asleep already inside of the house.

He continued that the fire did not only kill his child but destroyed all that he had including properties worth millions of Leones.

He concluded that he was happy and grateful that his eldest son was able to escape the angry fire, but was unable to rescue the 15month old baby girl Sirah Kondeh, as according to him it’s so heartbreaking.

Adama Kondeh a family member said neighbors rushed to help them but it was too late as situation had gotten worst as the fire escalated and burned the house.

She said she lost properties worth millions of Leone’s but said such is destiny as she is hopeful.

She concluded that she lost important documents and valuables and that they have now been left homeless with a bleak and hopeless future.

The matter was reported at the local police but they are yet to issue an official statement in regards to the fire, as it is still unclear what or the source of what caused the fire incident.

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