By Mohamed Jalloh

Yusifu Mansaray commonly called YUNG LIO of the New Vibration Empire (NVE) was born on the 22nd November 1995.

His Father originates from Makeni, but later settled in Mambolo chiefdom, Kambia district, northwestern Sierra Leone, the home of his mother Mrs. Mansaray and the birthplace of YUNG LIO.

The Mansaray family has lost their youngest daughter, but as things stand out, the family is supposedly grateful that YUNG LIO and his four brothers are alive and doing well.

Despite the disappointment in his previous relationship, YUNG LIO discloses that he is currently blessed with a 2-year-old baby boy and his fiancée is also pregnant.

He began primary schooling in Mambolo, but later continued his primary education at the Ansarul Islamic primary school in Freetown when the family moved to the capital city.

After completing his National Primary School Examination, YUNG LIO enrolled at the Wallace Johnson Junior Secondary School and later, the prestigious Prince of Wales school where he attained his West African Secondary School Certificate.

YUNG LIO says his passion for music is deeply embedded in his soul. He concedes to seeking succor in music whenever he is confronted with a stressful situation.

The Afro pop/dance hall artist also complements his musical profession with a career in building and construction, Painting and Mastic application, in order to make ends meet.

In 2015, YUNG LIO started implementing his musical passion when he was also serving as a private security guard. He was doing music for fun, but in collaboration with some friends, he decided to make use of proceeds from the security income to do some recording.

His breakthrough came in 2018, when he recorded and released the song “U Mama en Mama”, it was the same period, the hit single “Mi eye” was resonating with music fans.

He acknowledges the effort of Cheezy of “Mi Eye” fame who spurred him to record the song “U Mama en Mama” with the Fatu Power Mix.

“From the conception of the song, I was convinced that the song “U Mama en Mama” would become a hit. Initially, people were criticizing the lyrics of the song but I know that S/Leoneans can easily fall in love with vibes that are filled with street slangs,” he recounts.

YUNG LIO adds that the lyrics of the song “U Mama en Mama” is not offensive but simply means one`s grandmother in the widely spoken Krio language, which is a form of slangs that many Sierra Leoneans could relate to.

Whenever he performs the song on stage, the re-echoing from the audience is unbelievable. His fans, especially those in Dwarzack and New England Ville communities could be heard miming the song word after word.

“I’m looking forward to the management of NVE to give me the greenlight to do a remix and a video of “U MaMa en Ma,” Yung Lio reveals.

He recognized the fact that S/Leonean music is gradually taking off, and commended local artists whose hits are been played internationally, for the effort and resources they have poured into attaching meaning to Sierra Leone music.

YUNG LIO considers himself as an artist but he is looking forward to perfecting his skills in playing instruments such as the keyboard and piano.

He appreciates his family who initially was frowning at him for doing music because of his Islamic background, but since he signed with the NVE which has a management, he said “my family has recognized the value that I attached to my musical career.”

Yung Lio intimated that his family approved of his musical career when they realized the enormous resources the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NVE Dr Jackson Blamo is investing in the crew.

His family went on to further accept his musical calling when they see their flyers on display and when they hear people in the community speak positively about the NVE.

He admires a lot of artists nationally, but discloses the uniqueness of HIGH TRIBE whose music appeals to his feelings, and further adores DAVIDO as his best international artist.

According to YUNG LIO, his best achievement so far in life is when he went through the audition and gets signed with the NVE.

“Prior to joining the NVE, I was doing music for fun without any sponsorship or management, but since I get signed with the NVE, I now see music differently,” he explains.

At the NVE, Yung Lio underscores the fact that one`s music undergoes several stages of editing before it is recorded and released.

According to YUNG LIO, the rationale for the censorship is to omit unwanted materials because the product must be played on all platforms, not necessarily at bars and night clubs.

He expresses thanks and appreciation to the CEO

Dr. Jackson Blamo for the enormous sponsorship and promotion he has accorded the NVE especially on international musical platforms.

He appealed to the CEO to exercise trust and faith in the NVE, as according to him, they will surprise him at the appropriate time.

Young Lio registered his desire to establishing a musical foundation to support the underprivileged who intends to make music a career.

According to YUNG LIO, he sees “Kush” addicts as youths, who have lost hope in charting a successful life for themselves.

He said some of their fans in the community have become addicted to the drug. “When you are high on KUSH you won`t be able to attend my show,” he appealed.

YUNG LIO prays and says he welcomes the day when KUSH will be totally eradicated from Sierra Leone, because it is destroying the future of youths.



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