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Sahr Sheku Davowah who goes by his musical appellation ‘Pee star’ was born in Buedu town in the outskirt of Kailahun District, the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone in the 1990s in the hands of masterly and hardworking Kissi parents.

Pee star, as he is commonly called, is a Sierra Leonean by nationality and a distinctive Kissi by tribe.

His educational and musical careers have coalesced into a single sprawling colony. This prodigy underwent his warm-up education in his hometown predominantly Roman Catholic School and Islamic Primary School in Buedu town.

Later on, having done his Junior Secondary education at the Kissi Tongi High School, he departed for Kenema and attended Holy Trinity Secondary School where he furthered his senior education.

Meanwhile, Pee star had one of the best results in the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination that entrusted him a university requirement with admission at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

 When in Fourah Bay College, he studied Peace and Conflict in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law where he graduated with distinction in Diploma and a first class honours degree in Peace and Conflict.

Sahr Sheku Davowah was honoured as the best graduating student in the class of 2019/2020 with a commendable Cumulative Grade Point among others. The esoteric achievement marked him a vintage ‘tour-de-force’ due to his brilliant feat in the academic journey.

As a humanitarian and Human Rights crusader, he has participated in many philanthropic activities which have poised him in responding to social problems affecting vulnerable groups in society especially women, children and disables to name but few.

 In recent times, he had worked for many Non-Governmental Organizations and Government Institutions across the country apparently capturing the imagination admiration of the people he worked with an achievable strives.

His fluidity and wilful exhibition in submerging his choice of words into different style of musical genres remain in the depths of coral reefs.

 In this spotlight, he is constantly working to strengthen his reputation as a respected Afro and Hip-hop weaver in Sierra Leone.

 Pee star’s musical career dates back in his primary school prior his debut Single Hit in 2012 titled ‘’I love the way’’ featuring another outstanding home-grown artists fondly called “Mixsy Dee Sixer and Domai S.B.

In split seconds, this lad is perfectly known for blending his local dialects like Kissi, Mende and Krio in many of his songs, which makes him one of the most furnished artists Sierra Leone has produced.

 As a songwriter and skilful singer, P. Star has released a long list of songs over the years like “Orwor’’, “U wan’’, “Hold me’’ alongside Chris Dee, ‘’Good life’’ featuring Rahkeem, ‘’Host of cyphers alias Freestyle’’ to name but few.

 Going forward, his interlocking knot in putting systems into his feet has been an arm’s length consistency and passion.

 Sahr Sheku Davowah alias ‘Pee star’ is currently an owner of his musical brand called ‘’Good Life Music’’ a musical household name that is partly centered in Kenema and Freetown.

His musical brand host respective with its members including upcoming artists, technocrats and creative arts people with a fair gender ecosystem.

 Moreover, he is a social media user who has occupied various social networking platforms for the swift entertainment of his viewers; the platform is also used for updating fans.

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