Two children Yusufu Kamara and Issa Tullah have allegedly drowned in a dug out mining pit at Madina Village in Nimikoro Chiefdom, Kono District. 

According to an eye witness, John Conteh who was also in company with the deceased left the said village for one of the dugout mining pits to take their bath. He said whilst removing his cloth he heard a strange sound at that point two of his friends jumped into the water to swim.

He said  whilst his friends were swimming, he saw  both of them sinking  and as a  result, cried for help from a man who was standing nearly the  dugout  pit at the time the two children were  struggling to save themselves, but the man responded that  he does  not  know how to swim.

The eye witness noted that haven contacted other people to rescue his friends, upon their arrival at the mining pit; his friends had already drowned, adding that those who came to rescue them ended removing their remains from the pit.

The young  boy whilst  in a  pool of  tears  called on the authorities in Nimikoro Chiefdom  and Kono District as a whole to enforce  the existing  bye-laws for the  reclamation  of  dug out mining  pits as they have  claimed  the lives of so many  people  especially  children in Kono District.

Speaking to our  correspondent, the parents of the deceased Sarah Bangura and Finda  Tullah expressed their  dismay over the  rampant illegal  town mining  that is ongoing at the Chiefdom, which they said is the recipe  for  frequent drowning  in the district.

The two parents whilst describing  the  reclaimed  dug out mining pits as a death trap in their community, they pleaded  with those concern  especially  the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and National Minerals  Agency to do the needful so that lives of  the remaining children and adults will be  protected.

Aiah Bangai is the  town Chief of Madina  village in Nimikoro Chiefdom, Kono District  in an  interview  with  our r correspondent described  most of the miners at Madina  Village as lawless  and  disrespectful. In many occasions, he has told them to backfill mined out areas but to no avail.

He pointed out that the said information about the drowning of the two infants met him whilst in Koidu City nothing that immediately he got the information, he wasted no time but to return to Madina where the said drowning took place.

“Upon my arrival I went  and reported the issue  at the Police Station where I was given two police officers to visit the scene  of crime  and later the bodies  were  handed over to their  respective family members  for burial  whilst police investigation into the  said drowning matter is  ongoing,” Chief Aiah Bangai   explained .

He added that since he assumed  office eleven (11) years  ago this was the first time  for such to have happened and described the situation as not only as unfortunate, but scaring. He disclosed plans of taking stringent legal actions against those that he referred to as lawless miners.


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