The medium has been informed that a suckling mother identified as Fanta Bangura has allegedly thrown her two months old baby in a nearby Bush in Koakoyima Town Tankoro chiefdom Kono District.

The information maintained that Fanta Bangura who is alleged to have thrown her baby was reportedly asked by her parents to leave their house for the man that impregnated her on the premise that the man who impregnated her was not showed any sign of responsibility and as a result the suckling mother due to fear and shame had no option but to throw the baby away into the said nearby Bush.

Report further that, the two months old baby was in the bush crying when a woman who went to fetch firewood in the said Bush over heard the baby and traced the voice and later found out that it was a baby in the bush. The two months old baby was later taken to the Koakoyima police post for investigation.

When contacted the line manager at the Family Support Unit of the aforementioned police post, Conteh Idriss confirmed the information to be true, but said after questioning he realized that the mother in question left the baby in the bush because the father of the baby failed to take up responsibility for her and her child. The sister of the suckling mother took the baby to the said police post.

He revealed that they have handed over the baby to the biological mother. Meanwhile, rumors making the rounds state that the matter have been secretly settled with the police and respective parties.

Whereas, Residents of Koakoyima Town are urging the police to mount up investigation and to bring the cuprite to book as it will serve as a deterrent to others.



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