SLPP Aspirant Determines To Defeat APC In Brookfields


By: Ilyasa Baa

One certified aspirant for a parliamentary seat under the symbol of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party  (SLPP) has vowed to take the seat covering the Brookfields, Red Pump, Syke Street Crab Tong, Grey Bush etc which has always been occupied by the main opposition All People’s Congress  (APC) party, at the June 24th Parliamentary District Block Proportional Representation election.

Abdulai M. Bangura aka T Boy has said that these areas were APC strongholds and Brookfileds being the hub of the APC where the party headquarter is located.

 “Nevertheless, as a grass root politician, i am doing my assignment properly, with majority of the residents on my side supporting me to give them better representation this time”, he sounded, noting that he has not held any position in governance but as a son of the soil, he has done tremendously well for his community in terms of development. “My contribution towards development has motivated the people to vote for the SLPP party come next month”, he digressed, adding that he is inspired by the style of leadership of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio  whom he said deserves a second term to complete his job.

According to him, it remains only 2% for  President Bio to score 100% out  of what he promised the people of Sierra Leone in his 2018 manifesto.

He noted that though the twin shocks of the  Covid  19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine  war impacted economies  around the world, President Bio has been able to manage the situation for his people giving out emergency cash tranfers  to boost the lives of citizens. He said the President succeeded in tranforming sports, education  and even agriculture to lessen dependance on the  importation of rice as our staple food. 

 He has cast apersions on those he said are sabotaging the government’s effort especially in the area of electricity which he said some people are in the bad habit of stealing cables from transformers.

Congo Market women have informed this medium that their aspirant has been going up and down  with them in thick and thin to include market women in benficial programmes.

Isata Kamara, a foofoo seller told this medium that she believes he will give them better representation  in Parliament and will not forget them after election.

Mohamed Sesay, a youth residing on Dugan Street told A-z newspaper that the aspirant has potentials to improve the lives of his people through  consistent lobby in the House of Parliament and  other means available.

Abdulai  M. Bangura hailed from the north being a Limba by tribe. His candidacy, according to political observers in the Western Urban, is seen as a pointer to the fact that the SLPP has mixed flavour of supporters and members from across all the regions.


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