SLCA To Commence 2023 AGM


By: Mohamed Abu Conteh

The Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) will hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 4th February 2023 to mark the start of a year filled with massive cricket projects and domestic leagues.

The AGM is a constitutional requirement and one of the good governance benchmarks. It is held every year to report to the SLCA membership the profit and loss of the organization, what it received and how it was spent, read out the financial report, present the budget operational plan for the year 2023 for approval, adopt the minutes of the last AGM held on 25th March 2022, and amend and adopt the current Constitution as ambiguous clauses have been identified.

During the visit of the ICC last year, one of the recommendations they made was the need to amend the SLCA Constitution to be in line with part 5 of the Company’s Act of 2009 of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The aim is to give it corporate identification.

Also at the AGM, a suitable candidate is expected to be elected to replace Martin Michael, who resigned from the Vice President position last month, citing extra duties. This will be followed by the co-option of new members.

The end of the AGM will mark the commencement of massive domestic leagues. The Women’s T20 Premier League will be the first in line to be followed by the Women’s T20 Elite Franchise League and the Women’s T20 Youth Cricket League.

March will see the beginning of the Men’s T20 Premier League and the Men’s T20 Elite Franchise League.

The Ladies Patriots will depart the shores of Sierra Leone on March 19, 2023, to register participation at the Lagos Women’s Invitational T20 Tournament before setting off for the ICC Women’s Cricket T20 World Cup Qualifier in June, two months later.

The Sierra Leone Under-19 Cricket Team will enter the ICC Men’s Under-19 World Cup Africa Division 1 Qualifier in Tanzania in July after a high-performance training in India or West Indies.

The Senior Men’s Team will travel to South Africa in August to participate in the Africa Premier League and the Africa T10 league.

This year, SLCA is looking forward to attracting over 200,000 participants in schools.

To achieve this speedily, the SLCA has plans to train five hundred PHE teachers drawn from respective regions to give the effort a national face.

The SLCA has plans to continue the FBC and Sussex projects, which it hopes to deliver before the rise of 2025.

It is looking forward to putting players on contract to keep them fully busy playing cricket. 

 SLCA Media Department


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