In a landmark move aimed at fortifying collaboration between Local Councils (LCs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED), Rev. Dr. Jonathan Titus-Williams, led the signing of a resolution to streamline the NGO registration process.

The one-day high-level engagement, held at the Bo District Council Hall on Friday, February 23, 2024, underscored a pivotal moment in fostering stronger ties between NGOs and Local Councils within Sierra Leone.

Chaired by the Deputy Minister, the meeting convened key stakeholders, including Local Council Chairpersons, Mayors, Chief Administrators, and NGO representatives. Their collective goal was to enhance understanding and address issues surrounding the harmonization of NGO registration procedures.

The event highlighted the commitment of both governmental and non-governmental entities to collaborate in establishing a more efficient and transparent NGO registration framework. Through discussions and deliberations, stakeholders aimed to promote cooperation and understanding, ultimately facilitating smoother processes for NGOs seeking registration.

Key agenda items included discussions on harmonization requirements for NGO registration, presentations elucidating the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and its requisites, and strategies to bolster partnerships between NGOs and LCs.

Several resolutions were reached during the engagement, focusing on aspects such as the duration of NGO registration validity, registration processes, submission of annual work plans to councils, and the involvement of NGOs in the preparation of District Development Plans.

A written contract, endorsed on February 23, 2024, delineated specific resolutions aimed at enhancing collaboration and streamlining processes between the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (SLANGO) and Local Councils. Provisions included delineations regarding registration validity, timelines, NGO involvement in council activities, communication protocols, and joint monitoring initiatives.

The engagement marks a significant stride towards fostering synergy between NGOs and Local Councils in Sierra Leone, promising a more conducive environment for NGOs to operate effectively and contribute to the nation’s development agenda.

Notable attendees included National Director of NGO Affairs Eric Massallay, Deputy Director of Rural Development Madam Mbalu Ajaratu Kamara, SLANGO board members, as well as other officials from MoPED and the NGO community.

This collaborative effort signifies a positive step forward in promoting sustainable development and inclusive governance within Sierra Leone.


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