By: Mohamed Sahr

In the aftermath of the explosion and inferno that ravaged Guinea’s primary fuel depot in Conakry, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 13 lives and leaving 178 individuals severely injured on Sunday midnight, the Government of Sierra Leone, through its Ministry of Health, has taken swift action. Qualified medical professionals, along with two mobile health units equipped with ambulances and essential medical supplies, were dispatched on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, to provide much-needed assistance.

The Ministry of Health formally announced this humanitarian effort on its Twitter account, ‘X,’ emphasizing that the prompt response is a continuation of the solidarity measures initiated by Guinea during the November 2021 fire disaster in Wellington, located in the East-end of Freetown, Sierra Leone. That previous incident resulted in severe injuries and loss of life.

Highlighting the longstanding bilateral relationship between Sierra Leone and Guinea, the Ministry of Health underscored the commitment of both countries to support each other during times of disaster and other challenges. “We stand in solidarity with our neighboring country Guinea, and we are prepared to offer medical support in crises like this,” stated the Ministry of Health.

“The massive explosion ignited a significant fire at the Guinea Petroleum Company depot after midnight on Sunday,” reported Mamady Doubouya. The incident caused considerable damage in Kaloum, the area housing most government offices and buildings.


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