By: Hafsatu Z Bangura

I write about love and human connections because relationships play a significant part in our everyday lives. From my experiences with human connections, relationships do not only contain happy and loving moments, but also raw and uncomfortable ones. Often, in order to further grow one another, my friends and I must go through a process of learning each other’s good and bad qualities.

As our relationship progresses deeper, we develop an unconditional love and acceptance of our flaws.  Blue is a gift from the sea as it is favored by so many people, it is often viewed as a non-threatening color that can seem conservative and traditional. Blue calls to mind calmness or serenity and often seen as a sign of stability and reliability as it is expressed in our relationship’s.

Relationships create intimacy and connection in our lives. They are important for our health and well-being, sense of self growth. With the growth of technology many of us are connecting more frequently and easily than ever before. At the same time, depression and loneliness in our society which is posing more than just individual health risks but also imbalances in our communities, schools, political systems and long term survival as a human race.

It’s as if more and more people are starving for a deep sense of belonging and connecting. Blue represents communication and opens us to explore all possibilities.

Our first relationship is with ourselves, this means that we are forgiving, loving, patient, and accepting to our own nature and short comings and past experiences that we have had.

Additionally, the color blue is also a symbol of depth, trust, and loyalty, being surrounded by blue can promote open and honest communication in love.

Throughout history red has been the color of passion, romance, and sexual energy. Red lips and blushed cheeks stimulate arousal but blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity and symbolizes reliability and stability.

As each colour represents a different meaning like white represents innocence, charm and purity, red represents romance and love, yellow represents joy, orange represents enthusiasm and energy, blue represents calmness, stability, and loyalty, pink represents admiration and gentleness.

Blue is a giver not a taker, it represents strong relationships and feels deeply hurt if betrayed.


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