On Course For Victory…President Bio Launches People’s Manifesto 2023


By: Mohamed M. Sesay

President Julius Maada Bio has on Tuesday the 23rd of May 2023, launched the SLPP manifesto at the President Ahmed Tejan Kabba Hall at the Eastern Technical University in Kenema.  The new SLPP manifesto which President Bio dubbed as the People’s Manifesto 2023, is focused on agriculture as his Flagship programme in his next government.

Dr. Prince Harding, the chairman of the SLPP Said they  have delivered all on the 2018 New Direction Manifesto which includes education, electricity, water supply, human capital development, petroleum products, agricultural inputs, interconnectivity of big towns/ cities to Agricultural areas.

He added that the promises that were embedded in the new direction manifesto have been delivered. 

He disclosed that the new manifest or which was architected by the Chief Minister is a people centered manifesto and that the manifesto would definitely stand the test of time.

He encouraged all the SLPP Party stewards to hold the new manifesto in high esteem. He said he was convinced that the manifesto when implemented by President Bio, it would eliminate death related poverty.

Jacob Jusu Saffa, The Chief Minister expressed thanks to the party for given him the opportunity to once again lead on the development of the SLPP manifesto for the June 24th 2023 elections. He said the manifesto was also supervises by the SLPP National Chairman.

 He added that the process started by soliciting views and contributions from the public, and further did a stock taking in the effort to develop the manifesto.

 Mr Saffa said even the issue of the traditional rulers, youths, written reports from Ministers were all captured into the manifesto.

He said they also benefited from the NGC Alliance in terms of developing the content of the manifesto.

The Chief Minister assured the president that the process which led to the development of the manifesto was participatory and inclusive and was geared towards providing better opportunities for citizens.

In his remarks, President Bio said five years ago he launched the New Direction manifesto which led the SLPP to victory. He said serving the SLPP has been the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. He said with great humor he is launching his second manifesto.

He stated that the SLPP New Direction Agenda achieved tremendous goodies by improving the lives of the old and young. He assured all that the SLPP development programmes were not implemented based on colour and party sentiments. He added that when he took up governance in 2018, the economy was in shambles, but went on to note that as he took oath of office in April 2018 he assured every one of changing the narrative.

The president added that he prioritized human capital development through the free quality education and went on to note that Sierra Leone had made tremendous improvement in the maternal mortality rate.

 He went on to shower praises on women and revealed that he deeply appreciates women’s critical role play in promoting development in communities.

President Bio said government recognized that women can have the same opportunity just as men. He noted that the Hands of Our girls launched by the First Lady also helped women and girls. He said the Munafa Fund coupled with the free cash transfer by NaCCSA, helped to cushion the economic impact on women across the country.

 He mentioned the newly constructed Freetown International Airport as a historic edifice that has never happened in the country since independence and explained further that his government has been the most aggressive in terms of fighting corruption.

 According to president, the SLPP government has been the most respected government in Sierra Leone across the world, which is as a result of the enactment of several progressive laws such as the repealing of the death penalty and the criminal Libel Law among others.

 He said his government has ensured the availability of basic commodities in the country despite the global economic crisis and at the same time has been consistently paying salaries.

“After 5years as president I am proud of the successes and today fellow SLPP members I am launching the people`s manifesto”, He stated.

He explained that the new Manifesto would help address the challenges facing the as plans will be implemented to tackle the economic economic situation in the country.

“Within the next 5 years, the SLPP will ensure that food security is achieved throughout the country by way of emphasizing on agriculture. My fellow SLPP members, the people manifesto 2023 are anchored on the SLPP five game changers. The first of the five games changers is feed Sierra Leone. The second is human capital development; the third is youth employment scheme which is aimed at providing 5000 jobs among others”, he assured.

He maintained that the June 24th election is very critical for the people of Sierra Leone, and noted further that he considers the SLPP as the best party the people could vote for without regret.

President Bio humbly requested the support of Sierra Leoneans to deliver on the people’s manifesto. He made it categorically clear that voting for any opposition party would mean voting for backwardness in the 1961 era. He encouraged all and sundry to come out on the 24th of June to re-elect him. 


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