By Audrey Raymonda John

Abubakar Sannoh, a 54-year-old miner, made his initial court appearance before Magistrate Peter Brima Gogra of Pademba Road Court No.6 in Freetown on a charge of obtaining goods by credit under false pretenses, as per Section 32(1) of the Larceny Act 1916.

The particulars of the offense allege that on November 27th, 2023, at Wilberforce Zion in the western area of Freetown, Sannoh, with intent to defraud, obtained a vehicle with registration number Ayf 330 under the guise of paying three thousand five hundred Leones per day. The vehicle was purportedly in his service for five days, consuming eighty-four liters of diesel valued at two thousand five hundred and twenty Leones, totaling to two hundred thousand and thirty-seven Leones. The goods were allegedly received from Alhaji Alusine Bah, acting on behalf of Global and Bob Deen Investment Company.

During the court proceedings, when the charge was read and explained to Sannoh, no plea was taken.

The prosecution, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Marie Sesay, presented DPC 17816 Isaa Kargbo from Lumley Police Station as a witness. Kargbo testified that on January 17th, 2024, he was on duty when a report regarding obtaining goods by false pretenses was filed at the station. He stated that voluntary caution statements were obtained from the accused, which Sannoh acknowledged as true by affixing his thumbprint.

Additionally, Kargbo mentioned that on January 20th, 2024, he obtained a charge statement from Sannoh for the offense in question. The statement was recorded in Krio language and later translated into English for the court’s records.

During cross-examination by defense counsel C. Kamara Esq, Kargbo reiterated the details of his investigation. Meanwhile, the defense renewed bail applications on behalf of Sannoh.

Magistrate Gogra granted bail to Sannoh in the sum of three hundred thousand Leones, requiring two sureties of similar amount. The sureties must be residents of the western area of Freetown and provide valid identification cards depicting their Freetown address. Additionally, one surety must produce title deeds or property situated in the western area of Freetown. Bail approval is to be managed by the Deputy Assistant Registrar.

The matter has been adjourned to March 6th, 2024, for further proceedings.


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