By: Fatmata Grace Okekearu

In a bold stance against drug abuse, students from Njala University Bo Campus, specifically from the Peace and Development Department, have teamed up with the Sierra Leone Police force. This joint effort targets the combat of drug abuse, with a particular focus on tackling the use of “Kush,” in the Southern Region/Bo City.

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, the initiative took center stage as it was officially presented to the Regional Police Commander South, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Kanneh. Recognizing the severe impact of drug abuse on individuals and society, the Regional Police Commander embraced the Police force’s involvement, emphasizing the potential to foster a safer and healthier environment for the community.

Princess Megg Coker, the lead of Njala University’s Peace and Development Studies team, currently in her final year, unveiled the origin of the initiative. The team embarked on comprehensive research on drug abuse in various communities within the Bo municipality. Their findings included data on the prevalence of drug-related incidents, common types of abused substances, and demographics most affected. This research lays the groundwork for understanding the scope of the problem and identifying areas requiring immediate attention.

Coker, on behalf of her colleagues, implored the Police to intensify their presence in areas notorious for drug-related activities. Proposed measures encompass heightened patrols, targeted investigations, and undercover operations to identify and apprehend drug dealers.

The Regional Police Commander South, Mr. Brima Kanneh, assigned Corporal 12039 Ibrahim Gandi to collaborate with the initiative. Corporal Gandi, attached to the Transnational Organized Crime Unit (TOCU), praised the collaboration, emphasizing the crucial roles of both the Police and ordinary citizens in ensuring community safety.

Mr. Gandi underscored the police’s responsibility to investigate and bring law offenders, especially those involved in drug-related matters, to court. He urged parents to educate their children about the dangers of illicit drugs, emphasizing that the law respects no one.

All participants in this collaboration acknowledged the adverse impact of drug abuse on health and expressed a collective commitment to addressing this issue for the well-being of the community.


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