National Fullah Progressive Union has launched the third phase Iftah program which includes one thousand bags of rice with 60 cartoons of water dispensers to the sixteen districts in Sierra Leone at its headquarter in Freetown on Wednesday 13th April 2022.

When giving the keynote address, Alhaji Umaru Sanu Barrie, President of the National Fullah Progressive Union said today marks another historic milestone in the Union for the launching of such program. He said that the month of Ramadan has been accepted as a month of clarity to the less privileged people as well as those in need. Adding that the items would be distributed all over the country.  

He assured that the clarity would definitely meet the entire districts and the Western Area by extension. Affirming that they would continue to maintain the injected unity among the Fullah communities across the country so that others would emulate such example. ‘’This unity we are driving is for the interest of the Fullah tribe in Sierra Leone and all over the world,’’ he said.  Alhaji Umaru Sanu Barrie expressed thanks and appreciations to the contributors especially the Diasporas for making the program meaningful.

Chief Alhaji Mohamed Sarjo Jalloh, the Western Area Fullah tribal chief said the kind gesture they have imbibed had long been rooted from their forefathers and as such they would continue to replicate the same. He said the Iftah program has been at the header margin of complementing government effort by providing essential items to people during the most needed time.

He urged the young Fullahood to take up responsibilities and be educated for the transitional survival of the National Fullah Progressive Union and the Chieftaincy Wings even at the time of their demise. He said that the Fullah communities have to embrace togetherness in order to enhance promotion among them.


National Women’s Leader, Haja Jarie Barrie felt happy for showcasing their goodwill gesture to the needy across the various districts in Sierra Leone. She said the drive in which the National Fullah Progressive Union has embarked on would bring more blessings particularly in the month of Ramadan.

The Financial Secretary of the National Fullah Progressive Union, Abdulrahman Razzak Bah said out of the one thousand bags of rice, four hundred and forty bags would be distributed to the various districts in the country and the remaining ones would as well be given to mosques, Imams, widows, disables and the needy in the Western Area.

Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, the Presidential Spokesperson of the National Fullah Progressive Union said two years back the Union had been providing Iftah program in Sierra Leone as a way of helping the immediate affairs of the needy. Adding that this process has been in collaboration with the Fullah Chieftaincy across the country.  He said the items would target people in the slum areas, disables and other categories of less privileged people in this Holy month of Ramadan. He affirmed that the fourth edition of the Iftah program would be more encouraging than this going forward.


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