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My Coin Verification Marred by Chaos

September 3, 2021

By: Aruna Kamara (BO)

There  is fighting  and exchange of abusive words over the slow pace at which the verification is going in order ascertain the customers who invested in My Residual Global Company Sierra Leone Limited in Bo  commonly called ‘My Coin’.

Speaking to A-Z Newspaper  in a downbeat mood, some customers who queued up for verification expressed their utter dissatisfaction over the slow pace of the verification as it has one person verifying and one person taking photos of those verified.

According to them, the verification is chaotic as people scramble to stand in the line to be verified and snapped.

They claimed that because there is only one person to verify and one person who takes snapshots, the process is very slow.

They claimed that the deadline for the verification to end is September 17, 2021 will be difficult to meet because huge number of customers will be left out and favoritism by the liquidator hired by the Government is making people who come early and left out dissatisfied with the verification process.

A disgruntled customer, who identifies himself as Timothy Kamara said that there is a need for the extension of verification and more centers for the verification are needed to speed up the process.

The Liquidator hired to do the verification could not be reached to get his side of the story but a senior staff of Financial Intelligent Unit (FIU) in Bo said that he will let the liquidator know about the concerns of the people, as FIU is not involved in the verification because it was the verdict of the court for a liquidator to do the verification.

It could be recalled that the Bank of Sierra Leone terminated the operation of My Coin on the grounds that it is not legally registered to operate and there was demand from the customers for their monies to be paid back, making government to hire liquidators through court verdict to do the verification.

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