In a resolute address at the Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers, held within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information and Civic Education, Honorable Chernor A. Bah, emphasized the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. The conference convened to address the escalating attacks on journalists and media figures, as well as combatting disinformation amid the ongoing Israeli military operations against Palestine.

Minister Bah reiterated Sierra Leone’s staunch support for press freedom and the unimpeded flow of information, denouncing any assaults on journalism. He condemned the rhetoric advocating for the forced displacement of Palestinians, alongside all forms of aggression targeting journalists and media professionals.

Furthermore, Minister Bah underscored Sierra Leone’s consistent advocacy for a “two-state solution,” deeming it essential for securing lasting peace in the region. He stressed the importance of concerted diplomatic and political efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully and justly.

Accompanying Minister Bah was Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Turkey, His Excellency Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba, who had earlier participated in the Senior Officials Meeting of the OIC.

Sierra Leone’s impassioned plea for a ceasefire and diplomatic resolution reflects the nation’s commitment to upholding humanitarian values and fostering global peace. As tensions persist in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the call for dialogue and negotiation gains renewed urgency on the international stage.


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