Inglett Stubbs International in partnership with Ministry of Energy has conducted gas turbine generation feasibility study kick off meeting to install 192Mega Watt power plant in Sierra Leone on Thursday 31st March 2022 at Raddisson Blu Hotel.

The Deputy Minister of Energy, Dr. Eldred Taylor in his keynote address said the project has been the first large scale generation scheme outside of Freetown of which entirely focuses on providing power to the rural communities particularly to the mining areas in the south and south east.

He disclosed that the Ministry is excited in decentralizing energy solutions to help tackle the deficit that has been ineffective in rural areas. Adding that this has held back economic growth and the well-being of residents in those communities. ‘’ISI and team will be leading the proceedings of today’s kick-off meeting which will mark the official start of our joint efforts in line with the detailed Terms of Reference developed and refined in recent months,’’ Deputy Minister of Energy said.

Dr. Eldred Taylor said the commitments of the Government of Sierra Leone are central to advancing new flagship project in terms of renewing energy in the country. He said feasibility studies enhance the project to stand up to the scrutiny of investors and donor planning departments; while helping the Government and partners to adequately assess and manage any negative environmental and social impacts.

He affirmed that the study would facilitate new partnerships between private developers and large commercial and consumers by giving new expertise to inform future feasibility studies and wider electrification planning efforts.

When doing the power-point presentation, Brent Harrison, Senior Project Manager of Inglett Stubbs International said the 192 Mega Watt hybrid power plant feasibility study would utilize a mix of turbines and photovoltaics. Adding that the purpose of the study determines how the power plant is feasible and value by researching the economic, technical, legal constructability, social impacts and other related aspects.

He highlighted key stakeholders of the feasibility study ranging from the Government of Sierra Leone being the client, United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), who has provided Grant for the study, Energy Trading and Global Logistics Company (ETGL) serving as liaison between Inglett Stubbs International, the Government of Sierra Leone and local partners, Enernet Global (EG) who would be responsible for running financial modelling and authorising the proposed Power Purchase Agreement contract to name but few.

Representative from Enernet Global Mathew Silvester said the power generation and energy mix would capture pre-feasibility power generation assumptions as well utilise natural gas fuelled equipment. He said feasibility study modelling would run into three types of turbines in order to select the best solution. ‘’We believe with power and energy in the region, industries will grow,’’ Mathew Silvester said.

Honourable Alex Rogers, Member of Parliament in charge of energy issues appreciated Inglett Stubbs International and team for mapping out the potential success of the project and how it would benefits rural residents. He said compliance flows in the stream of the laws of Sierra Leone. Adding that ISI should provide an avenue for the resettlement within the affected communities and extensive local consultation would be adhered as the project kicks off.

He assured that the project carries along both negative and positive environmental impacts. He implored Inglett Stubbs and team to incorporate mitigating measures resulting from the operation. Honourable Alex Rogers urged the key stakeholders to enhance local content policy by identify credible industry and accommodate local partnership as well.


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