Monday, October 18, 2021

I Have Done My Homework to Win -SLPP Western Area Contender Asserts

September 16, 2021

Albert Baron Ansu

Chief Abu Hindolo Moseray has ahead of the Western Area Chairmanship election in two weeks’ time, declared that he is going to emerge victorious in so far as he has gone around and listened to constituents and delegates.

He describes himself as a man who listens and has therefore being in position to understand the felt needs of the people

He says the incumbent and past leadership had neglected constituents, a situation he is poised to address once he wins the elections in two weeks.

Abu Hindolo Moseray says his priority after winning is to unify those members that have been disenfranchised “but I will not work with failed leadership as I am going to inject new ideas.”

He insists that he has the charisma and energy to work and ensure that the western area is delivered to the SLPP in the pending general and presidential elections, come 2023.

 He speaks about his one on one strategy meeting constituents as the secret of his success in the regional leadership bid and the coordination to dominate the western area in the general and presidential elections in 2023.

In the interview conducted with A-Z Newspaper Abu Hindolo Moseray has reacted to the suggestion that his being chief compromises the political aspiration to be chairman of the ruling party western area chairman. He argues that fact is a plus of his reliability to be trusted with power.

He says if he fails to win will in no way change his political loyalty to the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

Incumbent chairman of the Western Area had referred described all those jockeying to replace him as jokers.

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