Huge Support For Maada Bio At Congo Market… More Women To Benefit


By: Ilyasa Baa

Chairlady of the Sierra Leone  People’s Party (SLPP) Constituency  126 covering the Brookfields community in the West end of Freetown has  said more women stand a chance to benefit from the Government of President Dr. Julius Maada.

Angella Abdulai made this disclosure following an engagement with the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) last week when the Commissioner, Dr. Isata Macarthy visited market women at Congo Market to assure them that the registration of market women for cash transfer will soon commence.

Ms. Abdulai expresssd her satisfaction over the huge number of traders that have received cash from NaCSA noting that those who have not benefited should not worry as their names will be captured this time. She said such intervention by the government has changed the narratives for most of those that have benefited from the scheme adding that those that were not fortunate the last time should exercise patience. “President Bio has heard the voices of we the women and i am pretty sure he will do more for us in his second term”, Angella informed this medium during an exclusive interview.  She said with all the economic hardship the world is challenged with, President Bio has demonstrated statesmanship in the way he handles the affairs of the country. “He provided emergency cash tranfers for us, gave us MONAFA funds as a listening President, he will give us more if we give him another chance to rule us”, she admitted.    

She said the President has done well for the women throughout his five years.  “Anyone saying he has not worked well is economical with the truth”, she maintained. She noted that the 30% quota is a good step forward for the women of Sierra Leone adding that the President will give them more quota in terms of women empowerment in his next five years.

It could be recalled that NaCSA had assured Congo Market women that they will be registered accordingly devoid of their political affiliations. Dr. Macarthy had  emphasized that the women should be watchful so unscrupulous  individuals  do not take advantage to collect monies for registration which she said is free of charge and will be done by staff from the Commission.


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