Foday Mubalie Football Academy  U-12 side lost to Real Mack FC base in Waterloo U-12 side by two goals to one (2-1) in a club Friendly encounter at the Bassa Town complex.

The match started with high intensity from both sides as the Real Mack FC base in Waterloo U-12 started knocking the ball from left to right to the wings, looking more threatening  going against their opponents half, but the defensive work of the away side proved to be at its best in the opening first (20) minutes of play.

The Visitors Foday Mubalie Football Academy U-12 side, get into actions after ten minutes of play in the first half, pushing the host hard in their final third.

The host Real Mack FC takes the lead in 20 minutes of play in first half of play as the player (9) Jersey converted a one on one chance and put the ball back of the net to give the host the vital lead in first half.

In the end,  it ended one nil in favour of Real FC.

After the recess both teams returned to the pitch of play, with high determination from both sides.

Foday Mubalie Football Academy U-12 side get their equalizing goal in the early second half of play as the player in (7)  Jersey get the goal  through a one on one play sending the Goalkeeper the wrong way.

The host Real Mack gets the winning goal in the closing stages of the match as Ibrahim Kamara the player in (20) Jersey converted the delicious pass  in the (18) yard box and sent the goalkeeper the wrong to give the win to Real Mack FC, a team based in Waterloo.

The head Coach of Real Mack FC Victor George said he is impressed with the performance of  his boys though he faces huge task against the visitors Foday Mubalie Football Academy U-12 side, giving them pressure in the final third, but defensive work proved good throughout the  match, that help them to win the match on home turf.

He confirmed that the visitors have a good squad that is more dangerous in their final third but lacks the finishing power.

Foday Mubalie Football Academy U-12 side head Coach Hursa Kamara said the friendly encounter is good for his team, though they did not get the win against a trained side that is based in Waterloo, noting that the Friendly match has given them an eye opener going forward as they will go back and brace up for more matches.

The Friendly encounter is the first time Foday Mubalie Football Academy U-12 side is playing outside the Kambia District since its establishment.


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